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  3. I didn't want to make you sad Have you tried the emulator ? You'll cheer up
  4. Pea was able to use the debugger (Turbine included it in the client download for a few years) on the client to reverse engineer a lot of stuff like physics. Have you looked into that? Great work so far! Thumbs up!
  5. Awesome update. Video any time soon?
  6. That's great where is the download
  7. Hello all. It's been a while since I posted. I am still working on things, but a few real life things have kept me busy elsewhere for while. Yes, mobs are going to be a problem in many ways. I took out code that autospawned monsters, and I am trying to get an annoying piece of code to work that removes creatures when landblocks are out of focus. There have been all sorts of problems going in and out of dungeons, with portals disappearing. At the moment, you manually spawn a creature (in a dungeon) it follows you rather relentlessly. It has a limitation of its travel, after which it returns "home". But it's rather more tenacious than the original game. No stuck in corners running pointlessly - it navigates around, follows you upstairs, leaps down if you jump down - very amusing. I stopped short of allowing them to follow you into portals.. that would be very amusing but I must resist! Creatures (like skeletons) randomly are equipped with appropriate weapons and shields, but sometimes not, and perform the right animation depending. I think I have all the idle animations defined too, I had to do a lot of experimentation. When I've got bored trying to fix bugs, I went on to do other things. I made jewellery have enchantments on them, and had to a dozen other things to make them assess properly. This led to all sorts of realizations about various assess functions not working correctly, and I had to persist spells and all that kind of jazz. Since gems are not far different from jewelry, I put code in for those too, at least inasmuch as you can spawn a gem, and it has random spells on it (only one so far) including minor or major traits, and you can click them and the spell activates and counts down. Code for mana stones and charging of them onto items is more or less correct - that was very tricky too because mana stones have to be declared in a certain way to make the warning about destroying the item come up or not come up. In the meantime I have wasted enormous amounts of time on various memory corruption issues. And I thought I'd share one of the culprits. Not my code, I hasten to add, but I thought I'd share. time(&NextCleanTime + DELAY); Innocuous looking line of code, but of course very nasty. It puts the current time into the variable's address plus the delay, which is some random other place. I've been putting in _CrtCheckMemory() commands to work out where the memory fault occurs. I had already fixed one of those elsewhere, but I suppose I'll have to look for similar other occurrences. It should be time(&NextCleanTime); NextCleanTime+= DELAY. There was another terrible bug in various places - a precedence problem throughout if (flags & 0x00000008 == 0x00000008) Yes - I might have once myself made that kind of mistake, but I tend to throw parenths around everything these days because I am paranoid about such things. So if ((flags & 0x00000008) == 0x00000008) This kind of thing can create quite baffling problems,not crashing but just wrong packets going out, so objects not appearing perhaps. The & has lower priority so the pointless 8 = 8 part is done first.
  8. I'm very happy to see a new project underway. And it's amazing to see significant effort being put into reviving AC. As you may or may not be aware, there is about 500MB of packet data captured back in 2010 as part of the UAS2 project. It's still available on SourceForge here:
  9. Fixed the link.
  10. Yes, they will all work once full functionality is back in. They won't not work right now, but a combat macro won't do you much good when there are no monsters.
  11. does original decal work? like vtank and all that?
  12. Did you use the MagTools plugin? If so, you've probably got data we need! You'll find your MagTools logs in your [Documents]\Decal Plugins\Mag-Tools\ folder. We'd request you zip up the entire contents of this folder and upload them to Note, these logs may contain chat logs. If you do not want these included, please remove all the *.ChatLogger.txt files. Other data in here may include Inventory logs, combat lags, corpse logs. This data will help the emulator efforts build out world data and refine certain systems! If you wanted to help AC live on, here is your chance. Thank you very much!
  13. i cant get the data files to open to download can anyone help me out
  14. clicking on the ac data link redirects me to the very same page. By highlighting it, then right clicking and click "go to http://content.turbine.blahblahblah" and you can still download the files
  15. Awesome work! you are making great progress.
  16. I had to smile reading your post and thinking back to the 1990's & gaming. My first thought was "dude cd_noclip" haha! Sorry, Doom reference. With walls and collision detection coming together, are you ready to tackle the "Wi Flag" or threat/threat priority for mobs? I've always found threat/threat priority interesting in AC. your progress looks great. It will be awesome when all three emu projects are out there in prime time. Keep up the good work!
  17. Hello all. I've not written in a while, because I've met some hairy obstacles to overcome. In short, it's the thorny problem of collision detection, monster movement, and dungeons, as in my last post. But I think I'm getting there now. I realised I needed a bit of a rethink. I've ended up with a bit of a cheat, but one that seems to work quite well. The basic problem just to clarify is that UAS2 in its original form has no knowledge at all about the objects in the world. It can create a monster and tell it where to go. The client then tries to make that motion happen. But what if there's a wall in the way? One of two things can happen, first the monster can effectively ignore the wall (a set position command is sent), secondly, it can run towards the given target, and not reach that target because .. duh, there's a wall in the way. The first looks stupid, because monsters aren't expected to just waltz through solid objects. The second is a problem because it can't be detected on the server. The server can allow enough time in a measured way and put the monster into combat mode when it thinks it should be in front of the player, but it can't know if the critter had got obstructed. The original game of course was not very good with collisions, but at least it knew when creatures were on the other side of a wall. How to solve... Ideally, the server would have a map in front of it of all obstacles, and be able to navigate around them After a few weeks messing around with the cell.dat data, I realised I could partly solve the problem with information in cell.dat, but the overall collision would still be a problem without doing enormous work. What I ended up with was a system where monsters could navigate to an enemy by staying to the middle coordinates of a cell, which are always 10x10. This nearly always works, but is not enough on its own. My cheating solution is quite fun. I keep track of all clients last 256 positions, whenever the X and Y change by a whole unit or more in a wrap-around buffer. Then when a monster detects an enemy, it logs that position and heads for it using the centre-cell method. Once there, it goes into a sort of breadcrumbs mode. Since the player's progress must have been througoh genuine positions that exist, the monster can follow the same coordinates and landblock cells. On the way, it can try to shortcut those routes, and so if the player dilly-dallies, it will skip those points. It also breadcrumbs its own route back "home", so something like a long piece of elastic, it can wind itself back, again checking points which it's already covered, so it doesn't blindly go round in circles. And the advantage of this is it will work outside dungeons too (but at the moment there's a few hard-coded bits that will make this not work). I also managed to get monsters have weapons and shields. This was a variation of the code I used to equip weapons and shields for the player, and was actually quite easy. I added a field called WeaponsGroup and ShieldsGroup, a new database that defines which belong to which group. I made a new tool to make it easy to set these up. So there's a pile of options that say a skeleton can have, with a few types of shield and a few types of weapon (or none at all), and it randomly picks them out when the creature spawns. Another thing I've played with was the problem of human type monsters. For reasons I am still not sure about, creatures like Bandits, and Mercenaries (any human species) were coming out naked. This is weird because they were captured with their palette and textures saved. But replicating those isn't enough in UAS2 for them to show up. So I took a step sideways... I made it save the packet data it generates when the player makes a costume change, and then fed that back into the capture software (with a few changes). So it was a case of playing dress-up - making myself look like the Bandit etc. Then, exiting, and renaming the capture log data file. A bit of database jiggery pokery to assign the new captured data to the old entry, and bingo, one correct(ish) looking Bandit. I added some randomising to the outfits, and created a small tool to assist in setting them up in the database. So far have done about 5, more to do. Hopefully I can finalise some of the dungeon code this week, and make the combat correct. Then I can happily ditch all the old code that used to handle combat!
  18. Well I got the Emulation working although many things don't work properly, but yes you can get into one of the servers and actually get inside the game. There is a short tutorial by a guy named Thwargle here You'll have to download his launcher first though.
  19. Are we able to play the game?!?!??
  20. Thanks!
  21. I just wanted to give a shout out to Andy Cataldo, also known as "Frelorn", for dropping by our Discord chat the other day! It was awesome to see him around answering some basic questions from the community and I hope he stops by more often! Thank you. Here's a pic of Frelorn in his Admin armor in-game: He expressed how much he missed Asheron's Call, the players, and helping out the community in general. He also let us know that he is indeed under a Non Disclosure Agreement for now so what he says or can do to help is very limited (which isn't surprising). Here's a quick recap of the conversation in case you missed it: View full article
  22. I just wanted to give a shout out to Andy Cataldo, also known as "Frelorn", for dropping by our Discord chat the other day! It was awesome to see him around answering some basic questions from the community and I hope he stops by more often! Thank you. Here's a pic of Frelorn in his Admin armor in-game: He expressed how much he missed Asheron's Call, the players, and helping out the community in general. He also let us know that he is indeed under a Non Disclosure Agreement for now so what he says or can do to help is very limited (which isn't surprising). Here's a quick recap of the conversation in case you missed it:
  23. Here are the official files from Turbine:
  24. It just occurred to me I don't actually have an installed copy of the game...I would need that to play the Emulation right?? What should I do?
  25. It's probably not worth setting up a server at the moment unless you're a C# developer looking to contribute. There's not a whole lot players can do besides run around at the moment. I'm sure someone will eventually make a video on how to set everything up once we get further down the road. Eventually ACEmu will be as close as possible to how AC was right before it was shut down. I can't speak for PhatAC but I truly doubt they have the same goal in mind.
  26. Your Discord ban was lifted shortly after it happened. I agree that it should have just been deleted and a warning issued first. What I don't agree with is this childish comment, especially for a 48 year old veteran. Do you seriously think that trolling and saying "let the fun begin" is the best way to go about things?
  27. So this will not last long, but allow me to be as respectful as your mod staff is on Discord lol, I post a meme, a pic of the guy who had a boob job a long time ago, posted next to the pic of a cute girl with nothing, is a joke ofc, no nudity was involved, and bam i am revoked lol, could have simply sent me a message and said it was a bit too much for the channel, it breaks no rules as there is no nudity. Ok so whatever lol, all you guys did was turn a nice friendly guy into a troll, i am a 48 year old disabled veteran 70% service connected for PTSD, so let the fun begin lol
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