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UAS2 Portals Database (what I have so far)

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  • UAS2 Portals Database (what I have so far)

    I exported my current set of portals from my UAS2 database. Not a lot yet but posting it here in case it is useful to someone else.

    Github uas2.sql file last updated 01/16/2017 9:04PM CST (Current total is 290 valid functioning portals)
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    Good stuff keep it up.


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      Sorry, got a very late start tonight thanks to snow but got some more work done. GF didn't feel like working on the coding stuff so she played Borderlands lol.

      Corrected the first four portals that were originally placed in the database, now they go to the proper destinations. Added some more town meeting hall portals both in and out. Added the Cragstone portal inside the Al-Jalima Pedistal dungeon. As a bonus I added Serac Vault and Nexus because I loved those places. Also fixed the naming of all the portals I had made originally because I named them incorrectly the first time, sorry about that. Here is a little video (ignore the funky resolution as it was a quick thing)


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        What are you using to capture the locations of things in game? I thought the UAS2 Capture Tool was for that, but it looks like it just reads a file and puts said file into the DB. How are you catching all the info?


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          Oh now I see, the pcap files are read by this tool and imported. GOT IT.

          So basically just go everywhere and have the logging on, anything tips or rules to follow?


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            What I have been doing is using the /loc command inside the live server and trying to !teleloc to the cords the live server provides. This won't work on the new (or shall we say ToD content) but for the older dungeons it has been working more often than not. My main target is gathering the DM and before stuff so it is already available. The pcap information is to aid with the new content so that (I assume) can be added as well to the newer EMU that is being constructed by others.


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              Got another late start thanks to snow again but I did add more portals. Made some minor corrections. Github has the latest copy of the portals section of my database.

              Added another 20 portals. Hub/Subway/Abandoned Mine is now complete with top Surface portal, Underground City now works, Samsur has a meeting hall, Glenden Wood Dungeon and Prison are created, The Floating City and Direlands Southwest Shore portal are now present in the Golem Sanctum dungeon, and last but not least, all of the Lugian Citadels are now present. All are correctly spelled now and all should be the correct color.


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                NICE! youre the man! thanks for all your manual efforts!


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                  Thanks mav! Trying to be useful. My hope is that even if we do use a completely new EMU that an SQL database will still be utilized and my efforts aren't in vain. Really want to preserve the old school stuff as well as the newer content.


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                    Had a productive evening. GF made something for me to get these portals added much faster. Got to use it once and now she wants to clean up the code Github has the latest items I have in my database.

                    Added 29 more portals and four lifestones.

                    Aerbax Laboratory
                    Aerbax Laboratory Haven
                    Adventurer''s Haven
                    Portal to Yanshi
                    Lytelthorpe Portal
                    Portal to Samsur
                    Abandoned Arena
                    Hebian-to Sewers
                    Portal to Hebian-to
                    Mountain Sewer
                    Swamp Temple
                    Judging Station
                    Halls of Metos (Tufa)
                    and all surface portals associated with the above mentioned. Made sure to get all the dungeons I could find with lifestones inside of them.
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                      Added 52 more portals. GF's new web interface works rather nicely. She is cleaning up the code so I can share it if anyone is interested.

                      I have been focusing on this list alphabetically. Also got the rest of the Halls of Metos and all of the Black Spawn Dens. Made sure to get all of their respective surface portals. All the correct color and correct spelling.


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                        Thanks for your contributions!
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                          Originally posted by Kaos View Post
                          Thanks for your contributions!
                          Thanks Kaos, trying to be useful

                          So got another 63 portals added for a total of 204 portals.

                          Southern Quiddity Dungeon
                          Northern Black Claw Dungeon
                          A Small Cave
                          A Small Ruin
                          Abandoned Armory Portal
                          Abandoned Shops Portal
                          Abandoned Tumerok Site
                          Olthoi Chasm
                          Accursed Halls
                          Ridge Tower
                          Outside Accursed Halls Portal
                          Acolyte Towers Dungeon
                          Catacombs of Ithaenc Portal
                          Cathedral Ruins Portal
                          Alfreth Dungeon
                          Amiantos Bethel Portal
                          Amperehelion Vault Portal
                          An Archive
                          An Olthoi Soldier Nest
                          Ancient Empyrean Grotto
                          Portal to Lighthouse
                          Ancient Lighthouse Portal
                          Arwic Mines Portal
                          Old Mine
                          Moss Chamber

                          As well as all of their surface portals. Had to make static portals (temporarily) for the creature kill/cast portals.


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                            Added another 54 portals for a total of 260

                            Aun Papileona's Shrine to Raeta
                            Banderling Conquest Dungeon
                            Banderling Hovel
                            Portal to Shoushi
                            Banderling Ruin
                            Bandit Castle Prison
                            Bellig Tower Base
                            Bellig Top
                            Bellig Tower
                            North Gemm
                            South Bellig
                            North Dalt
                            North Syliph
                            South Dalt
                            Syliph Tower
                            To top of Mt. Syliph
                            South Gemm
                            Mines of Despair
                            Beyond the Mines of Despair
                            Black Death Catacombs
                            Lower Corridor
                            Upper Corridor
                            Bone Lair
                            Carved Cave Portal
                            Qalaba'r Portal
                            Direlands Midland Portal
                            Halls of the Lost Light

                            and as always all of the associated surface portals.


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                              Was able to add another 30 portals tonight...

                              Small Icecave
                              Catacombs of the Forgotten Portal
                              Cave of Alabree
                              Crater Lair
                              Deeper Catacombs
                              Catacombs Opposition
                              Forbidden Crypts Portal
                              Mountain Halls
                              Mysterious Cave Portal
                              Mnemosyne Collection Site
                              Small Mnemosyne Collection Site
                              Large Mnemosyne Collection Site

                              and as always all respective portals have their corresponding surface/exit portals.