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More then one on a server?

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  • More then one on a server?

    Hi, I have been playing around with this and told my friends about this project (also long time players) and we decided to try to just hang at Holtburg, good times anyway I created the accounts gave them the addie and port sent them the *.bat file and dat files and all that happy horse hookie, so we all long in (starter dungeon) and head to holt - @teleloc 0xA9B40019 [84.386429 7.540645 94.005005] -0.999079 0.000000 0.000000 0.042915 BOOM Im here, Rodzillas here and the gang is all here .... But ... we can chat NP but no one can see on another. I was wondering if. maybe because we start in the starter dungeon we are flagged like many games do to.. no matter how many people start the game they are flagged to show as only one in the room, and when we leave that flag remains on the character? or is there some other reason we cant see on another? Maybe something that is not coded yet?
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    Seeing each other hasn't been coded completely yet. It is in the works though.


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      BTW I also wanted to say the @cg / @tell<name> work great, I cant delete a character... I mean I can he/she turns red after I type delete and all but even after 15 hours that character can still be restored.


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        Awesome thanks guys. This may sound odd but I play around with both PhatAC and ACE but for some reason (even though there is more in Phat to do) I think ACE is a better Project. Kinda like why do people like Leafcull over Solclaim same game and all just feels better. I real hope you keep up with this some people REALY do appreciate the work going into this. Once I get to looking over the code and understanding the structure, will most definitely try to help out. Im not great but i do know some.