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    I know this is kinda off topic... Kinda. and WAY early to ask but it is more food for thought, has anyone considered or maybe even started a World Editor for editing landscape/Buildings an what not?
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    I would suspect at some point, having a world editor system where you could import new models, change the landscape and design dungeons would be possible. Much MUCH easier, however, will be a quest designer system, assuming you're not adding any new assets (textures, models, dungeons, etc). Someone will very likely design a nice tool to be able to input directly into the Emu database a full quest line with text, triggers, rewards, etc. If all goes well and things prove successful, I'd expect a system for sharing/importing these quests into the server you're running to be available, as well.

    But all this is very far down the line...months...years even.


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      Though I've been informed that updating the cell.dat/portal.dat from within the game could cause issues as there are certain Turbine patents for these that ACEmu would not be able to replicate without potentially running into some legal issues (because they're patented, obviously). Assuming a World Builder was developed, folks may still offer a means of downloading updates manually, but that's up to the individual and I believe ACEmu's "official" stance, as I understand it, is to not have anything to do with that (again, for legal reasons)


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        i understand, I was just wanting to correct some issues that have been in the game from the start, you know, the floating vase in Nanto, the bad textures in the Mossy chamber. stuff like that.


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          "Fixing" the floating vace in Nanto will cause all kinds of havoc with the world that is AC. You will create a major black hole & the world will eat itself.

          True story. Fixing that caused major crashes in 2000-2001.

          Why do do you think MS sold it back to Turbine anyway? 🤔 That's why.


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            LOL So I guess that restoring Arwic back to it Old self is out and OMG we are stuck with those Lazy ass built Town portal platforms... and does this mean I cant do anything with the DEVs Arwic up under the compass? shoz bot.


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              Peter Cullen is in my head reading your posts to me.. 😂