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Corey Xolt

Has anyone considered buying the IP?

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Hey all,

What is the value of AC's IP?  Currently, it's $0.

Maybe the community can change that.

Do you know how blender became opensource?  Maybe we could crowd fund the effort.



The Dutch animation studio Neo Geo developed Blender as an in-house application in January 1995,[5] with the primary author being software developer Ton Roosendaal. The name Blender was inspired by a song by Yello, from the album Baby.[6] When Neo Geo was acquired by another company, Ton Roosendaal and Frank van Beek founded Not a Number Technologies (NaN) in June 1998 to further develop Blender, initially distributing it as shareware until NaN went bankrupt in 2002.

On July 18, 2002, Roosendaal started the "Free Blender" campaign, a crowdfunding precursor.[7][8] The campaign aimed for open-sourcing Blender for a one-time payment of €100,000 (US$100,670 at the time) collected from the community.[9] On September 7, 2002, it was announced that they had collected enough funds and would release the Blender source code. Today, Blender is free, open-source software that is—apart from the Blender Institute's two full-time and two part-time employees—developed by the community.[10]

The Blender Foundation initially reserved the right to use dual licensing, so that, in addition to GPLv2, Blender would have been available also under the Blender License that did not require disclosing source code but required payments to the Blender Foundation. However, they never exercised this option and suspended it indefinitely in 2005.[11] Blender is solely available under "GNU GPLv2 or any later" and was not updated to the GPLv3, as "no evident benefits" were seen.[12]


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This has been discussed quite a bit in the past and I think the general consensus is that WB/Turbine most likely have no interest in selling the IP or they would have when SSG stepped in to purchase DDO and LOTR.

It's really all speculation in regards to the IP itself but in the end the only reliable way to bring AC back is by supporting an open source server emulator project like ACEmu.

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Just came across this - I used to play AC and then drifted away. I would stop in every now and then to see how things were going. Actually just found out that AC had closed a couple weeks ago.

Has the idea of buying/licensing the IP every gotten beyond the discussion stage - as in contacting WB and seeing if they are willing to do it? It is always possible that whover took over those other projects had no interest in taking over AC.

If WB is not interested in selling or licensing the IP, is there any risk of them taking legal action to shut down a project of this sort?

Companies like WB are interested in monetizing their assets - and usually if someone is enough of a squeaky wheel about copyrighted material they are sitting on doing nothing with and have no plans for they will come back with a dollar amount that they want.

(formerly) Athelred of Harvestgain

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Well there is no point in trying.. I'm convinced WB will just sit on the game license forever. SSG deal was our only hope. The only way to see Ac again is from a emulator and it's the only real option there is.


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