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Less Than Seven Days Left to Collect Data

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There's literally just a few days left before the official Asheron's Call game servers are shut down, the final sunset... There will be no possible way to log data from a live server again after this tragic event. Unfortunately, that's the cold hard truth, and it sucks. You might want to believe that there's some kind of hope, whether that's by following some Facebook fan page or by thinking that something good will happen on Feb 1st. That's fine and I really hope that something good does happen, but in the mean time the only truth there is (and most likely will ever be) is the fact Asheron's Call is shutting down on January 31, 2017 at 12PM EST. With that said, this is the time to collect data on a massive scale in order to ensure that Dereth will live on through ACEmu. There are plenty of threads on our forums and on Reddit describing in detail where to find the data logging tools and how to use therm but for a quick reference I'll post the most important tools here again:

AC Logger by tfarley

Logging Tools by Mag-nus (Decal needed)

The best way to upload your files is to use a free Google Drive account and linking it on our forums or by uploading them directly HERE courtesy of Miach. Please consider giving other people access to any spare accounts that you have as well, you're not going to miss them since the game is shutting down in a few more days! We also have a Trello board where we keep track of which dungeons and towns have been data mined. If you aren't already a member and would like to help knock off some of these locations then all you need to do is create a Trello account and send me a PM with your username or get in touch with me on our Discord channel.

This is the final stretch so let's try and preserve as much of Asheron's Call as possible over this next week. We need data for everything, every single skill, success or fail. When using aclog, start it right before you do something and then end it when you are done. Name the resulting pcap file along the lines of what you were doing. Small and detailed logs like these are more helpful to ACEmu developers rather than large random logs but in the end it all helps. Finally, I want to give a big shout out to everyone involved in this project, both developers and data miners. Thank you to everyone that is contributing in one way or another!

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