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ACEmu General FAQ's

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What is ACEmu?

ACEmu (short for ACEmulator) is a new open source server emulator written in C# for the MMORPG Asheron's Call. It allows anybody to run their own private or public server.

Can I play ACEmu without setting up a server?

Yes, although the server owner must create an account for you first currently. This will change as soon as a custom launcher for the AC client is built.

What client do I need to connect to an ACEmu server?

The latest AC client and data files which are still available from the following links (Who knows for how much longer so make copies):

Does ACEmu cost anything to play?

No, absolutely not.

What's the plan for ACEmu?

Our goal is to re-create Asheron's Call as close as possible to the way it was, right before the servers were shut down.

How long will it take the ACEmu server to be reasonably playable?

There's really no way to tell but progress is constantly being made.

How long has ACEmu been in development?

The initial commit on our Github was on Jan 15, 2017.

Will I be able to customize my ACEmu server?

Yes. You'll be able to edit and mold the game to your liking through various means including a config file, the database, and also the source code itself.

How can I help?

The best way to help (if your not a developer) is by spreading the word about the ACEmulator project to other Asheron's Call players.

Do you accept donations?

No, not at this time.

Are you worried about C&D's?


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