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ACEmulator New Host and Forums

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ACEmulator is moving to a faster and more reliable hosting service. We're also converting our current vBulletin 5.2.x forum into an IPS Suite 4.1.x forum. These will be done in two separate phases as outlined below.

Phase 1 - New Host:

This is currently scheduled for 3AM EST on 3/2/17 at which time the Name Servers will be updated to point to the new host. DNS updates can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate but in practice it's usually quicker than that. During this time, the forums located on our old host will be set to an "Off" state while the forums located on the new host will go live. Basically, if you are seeing our forums in an "Off" state after 3AM then it means you are still being directed to our old host by your ISP or the old DNS info is still being cached on your local computer/device. If you continue to see our forums in an off-state for more than 24-48 hours after the move then you can try to clear your DNS cache which is very easy to do on Windows and Android systems (check Google), and probably just as easy on other devices.

Phase 2 - Forum Conversion:

I don't have a set time for this yet but expect for it to happen within a week after the move to the new host. This will also require a good amount of downtime to complete, anywhere from 6-12 hours is my best guess at the moment. Although I have tested the upcoming conversion pretty extensively, there's bound to be some unforeseen bugs that will popup. Some of the things I've noticed so far is that attachments (files or images) won't carry over but that isn't much of a problem. Another minor issue will be the spacing in converted forum posts will have an extra space in them due to how IP.Board works. Another thing will be the "Articles" home page. That content will need to be manually created again, which isn't really an issue either. Everything else should work normally though. Your user name, password, avatar, likes, and pretty much everything else will be the same as it was before. It should be a seamless switch for the most part. On a side note, the design of the new forums will also be completely different than what we currently have since themes do not transfer. I'll post some more information about the forum conversion once we get past the move to the new host.

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