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Packet splitter for the capture tool

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I found the pcap capture tool was missing quite a lot of data, the bogus stuff was making it skip past great lumps of data. It was also crashing a lot with array bounds errors. I can't wrap my brain around the C# code in order to fix this sensibly. So instead I knocked up a tool to split up any cap file into one file per AC packet. Then you can feed a whole directory of these captures (numbered sequentially), and boom this processes every one of them. I had to knock the exception message box on the head right at the end of the code. This is now making large amounts of SQL against the various captures people have kindly made available. There are errors in this SQL.. which I guess needs sorting too. But anyone, here's the tool for anyone who needs it. It's fast, but it might appear to lock up because it's doing so many files. Use a simple output folder for ease of use, like c:\1 It might make it easier for people to look for particular packets. I knocked it up in an hour and a half so don't expect too much! It's old school, so it's fast and small. http://home.btconnect.com/geffers/ac/SplitFile.zip

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