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Spell Animations not Working

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Hey guys,

I just recently got in to the emulated servers for AC. The first time I played my spells worked fine. They all showed casting animations and everything was good. Ever since then though, every time I log in, I can't see casting animations. Not just mine, I can't see anyone casting. The only thing I see is the final animation where they point at the target. I can see the spells flying just fine. It's only the wind up animations that aren't working.

I don't use any plugins of any kind and this happens on every server. I just tried reinstalling the game completely and it didn't fix the issue. Any ideas on how I can go about fixing this? It's really annoying when trying to cast spells and when trying to avoid them.


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Hi Drex,

ACEmu doesn't have spells or most animations working just yet. You're probably referring to UAS2 or the "other" closed source emulator, both of which have nothing to do with us.

I know it's a bit confusing but ACEmu is the new project which started a couple months ago when the official servers were shut down. The other two projects were started over a decade ago and currently have more working features than ACEmu.

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