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Can someone explain views?

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is there somewhere I can go to learn about views?

my town network portals are in the world but missing their radar dot, and are white when selected. I tried to search for them in the database, they don't exist so I was going to create them but it says I can't modify more than one base table through a join view so my question is how would I add baseid 2056994944 to vw_ace_object?

the baseid 2056994944 doesn't exist in vw_ace_object but it does in ace_object, which I assume is why the portal is there but not showing up right.

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So a "View" is basically like a pre-defined query that typically pulls information from multiple tables into one virtual table. As the name implies, it's for viewing the data but not really editing it.

Don't have access to the database at the moment, but I believe the view you're speaking of references ace_object and base_ace_object. By looking at the structure of those two, you should hopefully see how/where you'd need to add in a new item. (There may be other places that an item touches, too, I don't know off-hand)

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