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Chief Crow

Completely computer illiterate

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18 minutes ago, Chief Crow said:

Ok so I have basically no knowledge of how all this stuff works, Im just going to be straight out blunt. What do I need to do to get back to playing AC?


Hey there, welcome to the forums!

ACEmu isn't very user friendly at the moment since we're still in the beginning stages of development. You'll need to set up a few different programs to get started:

  • Visual Studio 2015 (2017 works too) [Needed to compile the source code]
  • MySQL 5.6 or MariaDB 10+ [Needed for the database]
  • DB Manager (Most people use HeidiSQL which is included with MariaDB) [Needed to edit the database and import SQL files]

That's only the start of it. You'll then need to download the source code from our Github, compile it in Visual Studio, install the database software, import the database files into it, and change the settings of Config.json to your own. There are some other steps as well depending on if you want to run it locally or have other people connect to it.

Honestly I'd suggest to head on over to our Discord chat channel and ask for some help in the #acemu_help channel if you're dead set on trying to get an ACEmu server up and running and you're new to this stuff.

You can join our Discord chat here, no need to sign up: https://discord.gg/mVtGhSv

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Hey Crow, I'm also a semi-illiterate attempting to get this going. Played 1999-2006, then on and off until the sunset of AC.

If I get this working I'll let you know. Working on it now.

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14 hours ago, Dane Fitch said:

Been working on getting all the MS Visual Studio, AC Emulator, UniServer (Zero XIII), Phat AC Launcher.. to work. No luck so far. Still working on it.

Looks like you're mixing up ACEmu with PhatAC.

PhatAC is closed source and doesn't allow people to create their own server. Where as ACEmu is open source and allows anyone to create their own server.

Take a look at our Github Readme for quick instructions on creating your own server: Here

You can also join our Discord chat channel and ask for some help there and I'm sure someone would be more than happy to help!

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