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    ACEmu news and updates.
    Hey everyone! If you're looking to get more involved with the development of the ACEmu server or simply just want to chat with other Asheron's Call players then feel free to join us on our Discord chat server.
    There's a lot of action on our Discord chat that doesn't make it to the forums here so if you want to stay up to date on the latest information then I suggest to join ASAP. There's no signing up and you can even join anonymously. Simply click the following link to join us or use the widget on our home page to connect.
    ACEmulator Discord
    It's now possible to sync a Discord account with your forum account.
    Existing forum members that wish to sync their accounts together can do so by logging in and going to the account settings page, then navigate to the Discord tab. Click the - Sign in with Discord - button to complete the sync. You'll need to already have a verified Discord account before you can do this of course.
    New members now have the option to sign in through Discord in order to register for a new forum account as well. This has the same effect as syncing your forum account with your Discord account as mentioned above. This makes registering for a forum account a simple one-click process if you already have a Discord account.
    Once your accounts are synced you'll then be able to log in to our forums through the one-click Discord link located on the Sign In page. You'll also be able to sync your profile photo from Discord to your forum account along with some other minor features.
    The ACEmulator forums will be unavailable for a brief period later tonight (around 12am EDT) in order to perform a major upgrade from IPS Suite v4.1 to v4.2.
    Initially, the forums will be switched to an  "off" state in order to perform the upgrade.
    Once the software upgrade is complete I'll then need to re-install the new version of our theme since nothing from v4.1 is compatible with v4.2. During this time the default stock theme will be displayed while I work out any problems with the main theme installation.
    Estimated down time: 15-30 mins
    Estimated theme replacement time (stock theme will be displayed during this time): 1-3 hours
    Edit: This was completed successfully.
    I just wanted to give a shout out to Andy Cataldo, also known as "Frelorn", for dropping by our Discord chat the other day! It was awesome to see him around answering some basic questions from the community and I hope he stops by more often! Thank you.
    Here's a pic of Frelorn in his Admin armor in-game:

    He expressed how much he missed Asheron's Call, the players, and helping out the community in general. He also let us know that he is indeed under a Non Disclosure Agreement for now so what he says or can do to help is very limited (which isn't surprising).
    So, I decided to sneak the forum upgrade in without scheduling a downtime. 
    Here's a quick rundown of what to expect:
    Your account information and password are the same if you're already a member. Most data including topics, replies, reputation, profiles, PM's, and more are intact after the conversion. Some minor things like the amount of topic "views" and "most users online" have been reset to 0. ACEmulator now has an entirely new look and feel to it! Minor bugs after conversion:
    Converted posts have an extra space inserted between line breaks. Future posts won't have this issue. They can also be edited to remove the extra spaces if need be. Converted topics show one less post than they really have. This fixes itself if a new post is added. In case you're wondering, one of the main reasons for the switch is the fact that IPS has hundreds of useful plugins while vBulletin Connect literally has none. There's really a lot of good reasons for the switch though besides that and I hope you all enjoy the new look and feel of our forums!
    I haven't noticed any major bugs yet myself but please send me a PM if you run into any and I'll do my best to get it fixed ASAP.