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    Discord Integration


    It's now possible to sync a Discord account with your forum account.

    Existing forum members that wish to sync their accounts together can do so by logging in and going to the account settings page, then navigate to the Discord tab. Click the - Sign in with Discord - button to complete the sync. You'll need to already have a verified Discord account before you can do this of course.

    New members now have the option to sign in through Discord in order to register for a new forum account as well. This has the same effect as syncing your forum account with your Discord account as mentioned above. This makes registering for a forum account a simple one-click process if you already have a Discord account.

    Once your accounts are synced you'll then be able to log in to our forums through the one-click Discord link located on the Sign In page. You'll also be able to sync your profile photo from Discord to your forum account along with some other minor features.

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