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    Forums Upgraded


    So, I decided to sneak the forum upgrade in without scheduling a downtime. :ph34r:

    Here's a quick rundown of what to expect:

    • Your account information and password are the same if you're already a member.
    • Most data including topics, replies, reputation, profiles, PM's, and more are intact after the conversion. Some minor things like the amount of topic "views" and "most users online" have been reset to 0.
    • ACEmulator now has an entirely new look and feel to it!

    Minor bugs after conversion:

    • Converted posts have an extra space inserted between line breaks. Future posts won't have this issue. They can also be edited to remove the extra spaces if need be.
    • Converted topics show one less post than they really have. This fixes itself if a new post is added.

    In case you're wondering, one of the main reasons for the switch is the fact that IPS has hundreds of useful plugins while vBulletin Connect literally has none. There's really a lot of good reasons for the switch though besides that and I hope you all enjoy the new look and feel of our forums!

    I haven't noticed any major bugs yet myself but please send me a PM if you run into any and I'll do my best to get it fixed ASAP.

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