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    Hey guys, I've been working on this video for some time, and it is the time to share it, after the second death of AC. I take you on a great tour to see all the towns and special places of Dereth. You can let me guide you or you can navigate through any town throughout the menu below. Feel free to share the link of this video to your friends if they knew Asheron's Call. Also, don't hesitate to comment your thoughts, I'd love to read and discuss them. AC Forever.
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    This has been discussed quite a bit in the past and I think the general consensus is that WB/Turbine most likely have no interest in selling the IP or they would have when SSG stepped in to purchase DDO and LOTR. It's really all speculation in regards to the IP itself but in the end the only reliable way to bring AC back is by supporting an open source server emulator project like ACEmu.
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    Nice work on the video! It brings back some good memories. I wouldn't say AC suffered a 2nd death yet tho since the acemu team is still pushing ahead.