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    Here's a video of where I'm at today. A few problems note the empty slot - some kind of duff item is in the database, or something I've overlooked. Sorry low quality video, capturing video is not working properly with 3D mode on. Nice to see doors working, isn't it? Little things like that are pleasing.
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    Hey guys, I wanted to share with you a video I've just finished. It's the story of the last day of Asheron's Call from my own perspective. Those who were here on that day can live it all again, and the nostalgic who played long ago can see how the game they loved ended. Those who didn't know Asheron's Call can have a glimpse of what was the MMORPG we loved for 17 years. Hope you enjoy it. I miss AC !! Feel free to share the link of this video to your friends, I'd like every AC player to see this video, I'm sure they felt the same way during the last minutes.
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    Hey everyone! If you're looking to get more involved with the development of the ACEmu server or simply just want to chat with other Asheron's Call players then feel free to join us on our Discord chat server. There's a lot of action on our Discord chat that doesn't make it to the forums here so if you want to stay up to date on the latest information then I suggest to join ASAP. There's no signing up and you can even join anonymously. Simply click the following link to join us or use the widget on our home page to connect. ACEmulator Discord
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    Hello all. It's been a while since I posted. I am still working on things, but a few real life things have kept me busy elsewhere for while. Yes, mobs are going to be a problem in many ways. I took out code that autospawned monsters, and I am trying to get an annoying piece of code to work that removes creatures when landblocks are out of focus. There have been all sorts of problems going in and out of dungeons, with portals disappearing. At the moment, you manually spawn a creature (in a dungeon) it follows you rather relentlessly. It has a limitation of its travel, after which it returns "home". But it's rather more tenacious than the original game. No stuck in corners running pointlessly - it navigates around, follows you upstairs, leaps down if you jump down - very amusing. I stopped short of allowing them to follow you into portals.. that would be very amusing but I must resist! Creatures (like skeletons) randomly are equipped with appropriate weapons and shields, but sometimes not, and perform the right animation depending. I think I have all the idle animations defined too, I had to do a lot of experimentation. When I've got bored trying to fix bugs, I went on to do other things. I made jewellery have enchantments on them, and had to a dozen other things to make them assess properly. This led to all sorts of realizations about various assess functions not working correctly, and I had to persist spells and all that kind of jazz. Since gems are not far different from jewelry, I put code in for those too, at least inasmuch as you can spawn a gem, and it has random spells on it (only one so far) including minor or major traits, and you can click them and the spell activates and counts down. Code for mana stones and charging of them onto items is more or less correct - that was very tricky too because mana stones have to be declared in a certain way to make the warning about destroying the item come up or not come up. In the meantime I have wasted enormous amounts of time on various memory corruption issues. And I thought I'd share one of the culprits. Not my code, I hasten to add, but I thought I'd share. time(&NextCleanTime + DELAY); Innocuous looking line of code, but of course very nasty. It puts the current time into the variable's address plus the delay, which is some random other place. I've been putting in _CrtCheckMemory() commands to work out where the memory fault occurs. I had already fixed one of those elsewhere, but I suppose I'll have to look for similar other occurrences. It should be time(&NextCleanTime); NextCleanTime+= DELAY. There was another terrible bug in various places - a precedence problem throughout if (flags & 0x00000008 == 0x00000008) Yes - I might have once myself made that kind of mistake, but I tend to throw parenths around everything these days because I am paranoid about such things. So if ((flags & 0x00000008) == 0x00000008) This kind of thing can create quite baffling problems,not crashing but just wrong packets going out, so objects not appearing perhaps. The & has lower priority so the pointless 8 = 8 part is done first.
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    Hello all. I've not written in a while, because I've met some hairy obstacles to overcome. In short, it's the thorny problem of collision detection, monster movement, and dungeons, as in my last post. But I think I'm getting there now. I realised I needed a bit of a rethink. I've ended up with a bit of a cheat, but one that seems to work quite well. The basic problem just to clarify is that UAS2 in its original form has no knowledge at all about the objects in the world. It can create a monster and tell it where to go. The client then tries to make that motion happen. But what if there's a wall in the way? One of two things can happen, first the monster can effectively ignore the wall (a set position command is sent), secondly, it can run towards the given target, and not reach that target because .. duh, there's a wall in the way. The first looks stupid, because monsters aren't expected to just waltz through solid objects. The second is a problem because it can't be detected on the server. The server can allow enough time in a measured way and put the monster into combat mode when it thinks it should be in front of the player, but it can't know if the critter had got obstructed. The original game of course was not very good with collisions, but at least it knew when creatures were on the other side of a wall. How to solve... Ideally, the server would have a map in front of it of all obstacles, and be able to navigate around them After a few weeks messing around with the cell.dat data, I realised I could partly solve the problem with information in cell.dat, but the overall collision would still be a problem without doing enormous work. What I ended up with was a system where monsters could navigate to an enemy by staying to the middle coordinates of a cell, which are always 10x10. This nearly always works, but is not enough on its own. My cheating solution is quite fun. I keep track of all clients last 256 positions, whenever the X and Y change by a whole unit or more in a wrap-around buffer. Then when a monster detects an enemy, it logs that position and heads for it using the centre-cell method. Once there, it goes into a sort of breadcrumbs mode. Since the player's progress must have been througoh genuine positions that exist, the monster can follow the same coordinates and landblock cells. On the way, it can try to shortcut those routes, and so if the player dilly-dallies, it will skip those points. It also breadcrumbs its own route back "home", so something like a long piece of elastic, it can wind itself back, again checking points which it's already covered, so it doesn't blindly go round in circles. And the advantage of this is it will work outside dungeons too (but at the moment there's a few hard-coded bits that will make this not work). I also managed to get monsters have weapons and shields. This was a variation of the code I used to equip weapons and shields for the player, and was actually quite easy. I added a field called WeaponsGroup and ShieldsGroup, a new database that defines which belong to which group. I made a new tool to make it easy to set these up. So there's a pile of options that say a skeleton can have, with a few types of shield and a few types of weapon (or none at all), and it randomly picks them out when the creature spawns. Another thing I've played with was the problem of human type monsters. For reasons I am still not sure about, creatures like Bandits, and Mercenaries (any human species) were coming out naked. This is weird because they were captured with their palette and textures saved. But replicating those isn't enough in UAS2 for them to show up. So I took a step sideways... I made it save the packet data it generates when the player makes a costume change, and then fed that back into the capture software (with a few changes). So it was a case of playing dress-up - making myself look like the Bandit etc. Then, exiting, and renaming the capture log data file. A bit of database jiggery pokery to assign the new captured data to the old entry, and bingo, one correct(ish) looking Bandit. I added some randomising to the outfits, and created a small tool to assist in setting them up in the database. So far have done about 5, more to do. Hopefully I can finalise some of the dungeon code this week, and make the combat correct. Then I can happily ditch all the old code that used to handle combat!
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    I cant wait to get my old Grindy AC back lol.
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    Thanks for the positive comments. Of course I will share in due course. Hit a bit of a problem in the last week with palettes. It all started when I realised I had no Tumeroks, the capture had rejected them. Looking into it, I found the 3d model for Tumeroks must have changed from the old days. The new model number wasn't in the original portal.dat This led me to ascertain which models were not being used, and by forcing them onto creatures with a similar build, searched for the Tumeroks, and other extinct creatures. Many seemed to be variations on zombies and skeletons, and I found the Tumerok model. Then when I started looking closely at the values for the palettes, to see why the Tumerok types all looked the same, I realised that the new capture data referenced palettes that didn't exist in the old portal.dat file. I then took a step backwards, and looked closely at the capture data for palettes and realised that the original UAS2 and its companion capturing program were in error, but that a workaround somehow made it work. The original capture program did a weird thing when it loaded up the palettes, and made a field called Unknown-1 which it stored and presented when it was time to show that creature (or item). Each palette where it exists consists of a palette file number (in the portal file) and an offset and length, which overlay into the working palette. The values captured looked weird... I realised that the offset, length pairs were in fact actually palette file numbers misplaced in the data, so 6D for length of F was really palette file F6D. Because of the botched way UAS2 used the palette values, these somehow still came out correctly in most cases. In fact there is no need for an "unknown1" field. If a palette is present, it has a count of at least 1. What follows the counts of palette, texture and model is something that looks like a base palette, or a palette for part of the 3d model. This does not have an offset and length value, but is immediately followed by sets of palette overlays that do. These are often a value, and offset and length of 0. The length of 0 means 256. I played around for ages with a drudge ravener's palette. It seems some of the palette values come from that first palette, so it's not entirely that the subsequent palette(s) just overlay. So I have gone back to the original data, and applied various fixes to the data. We now have at least a correct set of data, and unknown-1 is replaced with BasePalette. I am now writing similar code for items. Of course I had to go through and put the base palette code into every class that presented palettes rather than the unknown_1 field. The big digression was trying to match the TOD palettes to the old palettes. This was like the old days for me, doing colour matching algorithms. And I think the results are pretty good.... but haven't helped me get Tumeroks looking correct! It seems that the old Tumerok model does not use the palette at all. The only thing I can do is make them slightly bigger or smaller! So onwards.. and then I need to get back to what I was doing last week.
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    I liked AC so much more during this time period. It's very nice to see work being done on this still. I do hope you share it!
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    Looks like it's coming along nicely, impressive work.
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    Now adding monsters into my data capture program. It's hugely faster than the old buggy capture program. Runs against the large capture files that were previously taking hours, and takes a few minutes to do a whole folderfull. But it's only doing items or monsters... so that's partly why. Found it was adding NPCs, but can be eliminated by ignoring records with dwUnknown_V2 = 32. Was pleased to see my first Tusker Guard, and mite scion. Fixed nasty bug in generating bogus corpse item that show up with a black square. It needs to animate bending over when looting, and it's also not updating weight. I added healing kits as a treasure item. Something horrendous is wrong with level gaining. It tells me that I need 4 billion experience to get to the next level, at level 12, I guess it's calculating -1 or something as a DWORD, but I've not even looked at that code yet. I need to find a way to share the Exe and database. But I don't want a cease and desist order on me from WB!
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    Looking at the monsters tables today. Monsters_type defines critters that can be spawned. It had the wrong linker value, was the ID of monsters_templates records, not dwLinker. Knocked up some quick C++ to fix, and zeroed records that weren't there. Now there are 100's of creatures that can be spawned, hurray.
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    Our very own @Mogwai put together a very helpful video on how to work with ACLogView and the basic implementation of objects into the ACEmu server. He did an outstanding job explaining some of the inner workings of object creation so check it out if you're interested in this kind of stuff! Huge thanks to Mogwai for hosting this video conference!
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    Well, I know people are working on other things. But UAS is a bit more like my dinosaur-way of programming than this modern .NET/C# stuff people are heading towards. I've been trying to get some understanding of how things hang together, and it's a lot of fun, especially as I can now melee fight things. So I thought I would create one thread with changes and observations about UAS2 and the capture program, and perhaps these might be useful if anyone's still playing with it. I don't feel I've made enough progress to upload a whole new version. Firstly, the capture program has a number of bugs, at least the one I had. It has "vetors" instead of "vectors", and its bad way of building an insert line means that it often creates dud lines. Actually there's a dozen or more other problems with it, with the fields it captures But I've put this to one side. For one thing, it's generating too many records, and this slows down the server launch time. I've had to create a few scripts like ones to remove duplicates. I also created a file splitter on pcap files. The capture program already can deal with a whole folder, so this means instead of reading one file, and often skipping through and missing half the stuff, it deals with the individual thousands of packets, and this generates more data. One problem and this is me understanding things wrong is that you cannot run the capture program without then applying the SQL straight away. If you run two captures, the second one will have duplicate Linker numbers, which will screw up the database. One problem which was annoying me was that the inventory wasn't being saved. Yet there's code there to do it... it turns out the inventory is being saved, but not loaded back. Actually to be precise it's more the announcement back to the client of the inventory, it happens as far as I can see too early. I added a function to delete the inventory (an internal store of objects), and a delayed second calling of create inventory in WorldServer: thus# int DelayedInventory = 0; (at top) [Before switch ( m_bWorldState )] if (DelayedInventory > 0) { DelayedInventory--; if (DelayedInventory <= 0) { // erase the last botched attempt.... m_pcAvatar->DeleteInventory(); cMasterServer::CreateInventory( this ); //Send create packets for inventory contents } } switch ( m_bWorldState ) { case 0: //First login ------------------ and this is set up here if ( pcRecvPacket->GetFlags( ) == 0x400 ) //400 message acknowledged { m_bWorldState = 4; DelayedInventory = 3; cMasterServer::CreateInventory( this ); //Send create packets for inventory contents cMasterServer::SendLoginData( this ); //Send login data (uses CreateInventory information) ---------------- and in avatar void cAvatar::DeleteInventory() { while ( !m_lstInventory.empty( ) ) { SAFEDELETE( m_lstInventory.front( ) ) m_lstInventory.pop_front( ); } return; } defined in avatar.h function prototype void DeleteInventory(); ------------------------- In TreasureGen.cpp there's a line needed for each CreateXXXXX( function) at the end something like cDatabase::AddToInventoryDB(who->m_pcAvatar->GetGUID(), aWand); or whatever the aXXXX is I made spawnitem take a name as a parameter, which makes it easier to spawn things I added a random distance to monster spawning. This was necessary as monsters attack now! MonsterServer needs quite a bit of work, but now a creature sees nearby enemies and goes for them. It also returns to base after. It's more or less right. Combat animation for melee wasn't working at all, and it was driving me nuts. In the end I went back to the earlier UAS1 and found it did work there, so I stole the "combat animation" code, and somehow that worked! But it's hardcoded for one attack. It needs to do low/medium/high. It's possible I mucked this up myself earlier. But I mention this in passing. Here's a question someone might know. I found a good many of the animations (by modifying !animation to default to the last number++ and working through) - the attack ones are 98-106 - but I didn't find ALL of them. In particular I can't find a stabbing animation, just more of a sweeping one. I'll make a list some time. For instance 106 is low kick. And another question: where are the female sounds? Ugh's and Arghs, etc? Looking at the way certain things are loaded - like monster spawns, NPCs, and permanent objects - I think it would be better to either load things up in a non-database way. Or a second program might do the load, and can just sit there in the background, and use shared-memory to supply whatever is needed. Oh and various hard-coded Maximum are too low once you start loading in captured objects. One big problem I can't get to the bottom of is a CLIENT crash that occurs once in a while. When it happens, the client restarted won't then connect to the server, so it's something the server has done to cause the client to crash. I might have to put some kind of a debug in that I can trap on demand in some way. The XP level code caused me to suddenly go from level 1 to level 126! I can't make sense of this line, so I fed in the XP table into a bit of code, it needs to be written properly, but it works now. Here's the line that was there - how was that ever supposed to work? 6 Xor 5? What's that all about? int level = floor( ( pow( (double)(9 * m_dwTotalXP + 6^5),(double)(1 / 5.0) ) - 6) + 1 ); That's all for now. Will post again.
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    I had to smile reading your post and thinking back to the 1990's & gaming. My first thought was "dude cd_noclip" haha! Sorry, Doom reference. With walls and collision detection coming together, are you ready to tackle the "Wi Flag" or threat/threat priority for mobs? I've always found threat/threat priority interesting in AC. your progress looks great. It will be awesome when all three emu projects are out there in prime time. Keep up the good work!
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    Here are the official files from Turbine: http://content.turbine.com/sites/cli...ac1install.exe http://content.turbine.com/acpatch/ac_data.zip
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    Your Discord ban was lifted shortly after it happened. I agree that it should have just been deleted and a warning issued first. What I don't agree with is this childish comment, especially for a 48 year old veteran. Do you seriously think that trolling and saying "let the fun begin" is the best way to go about things?
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    Hello people. Haven't posted for a couple of weeks, because I've hit a bit of a problem, and I've been working through it. It's all down to collision detection, and how monsters move. When I dug into the code, I found that my preconceptions were totally wrong. Monster fighting would have only ever worked out in the open without this work. This has led to a week of working out how cell.dat works, and writing tools that creates new tables for navigation. I can now edit cell.dat (in place editing), which is kind of fun, so I was able to raise Arwic entirely 6 feet up into the air, and bring it back down afterwards (not in game!) I can't say I completely understand it, but enough to parse out the data I need. Effectively there will be two different methods for the world, and for dungeons. Along the way, I populated all the dungeons I could find in the capture data, cross referencing to the ones that exist in the old game (something like 500 or more, though some aren't exactly dungeons, just places that are treated the same). I think I'm getting there, but I've stripped apart the monster movement code entirely and am rewriting, and there's a few problems to iron out.
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    Continued the conversation on Discord.. for anyone following this thread.
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    Looks like you're mixing up ACEmu with PhatAC. PhatAC is closed source and doesn't allow people to create their own server. Where as ACEmu is open source and allows anyone to create their own server. Take a look at our Github Readme for quick instructions on creating your own server: Here You can also join our Discord chat channel and ask for some help there and I'm sure someone would be more than happy to help!
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    Wow! I wasn't expecting UAS2 to be revived and hope that one day, i would be able to play pre-tod AC. Thanks for your work!
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    Didn't Tumeroks get a rework for ToD? And ToD introduced a second look for them as well? I'll check my notes... can't seem to find anything on Maggie's site. Oh well. That's what I seem to remember ToD did a "graphics upgrade" or something. Non-Sequitor Miscellaneous Random - found this @commands page on her site though: http://www.thejackcat.com/AC/Odds'nEnds/@command.htm brings back a flood of memories on her site. Sigh.... now back to my regular post, already in progress. Anyway! Love the work you're doing and the progress made. If we're missing one mob out of all AC offered, I will still play it. Would prefer Morsmen be the mob, not tumies.. oh well. In the end, As long as I can kill undead, zombies, revs, liches, lich lords, dark magus (magi?), I will be fine.
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    As for the ACE.exe not compiling, check out the FAQ at https://github.com/ACEmulator/ACE It's towards the bottom and mentions the StyleCop stuff... Basically, if you don't have it to begin with, the ACE project won't load. (You may also need to right click on ACE in the Solution Explorer and "Set as Startup Project", as well. It will be bold if it is...) That may actually solve your other issue. From what I can figure out from that error, the calls it makes reference to don't currently exist. Also, the Server Time message no displays to the console (it's goes to a log). The only messages you should see are "Staring ACEmulator...", some about binding to ips/ports and loading of the cell and portal dat files. (Followed by "ACEmulator command prompt ready.") So if you can load the ACE solution properly and rebuild everything, it should behave a little better... Let us know!
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    So a "View" is basically like a pre-defined query that typically pulls information from multiple tables into one virtual table. As the name implies, it's for viewing the data but not really editing it. Don't have access to the database at the moment, but I believe the view you're speaking of references ace_object and base_ace_object. By looking at the structure of those two, you should hopefully see how/where you'd need to add in a new item. (There may be other places that an item touches, too, I don't know off-hand)
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    alright i'm not sure why, but using the mysql command line and granting privileges that way worked.. something with phpmyadmin i guess.
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    This sounds great. Hopefully at some point you can release your work and allow people to play the game pre tod.
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    This week I was very happy to find and fix a horrible bug in UAS2. In case anyone doing the modern emulators needs to know what it is, I will describe. Some armor was coming up as corrupted, it basically made the entire avatar black. I traced through a routine that loaded data from portal.dat, "LoadItem". This routine assumed that each palette entry occurred only once. When it poked in the palette code, using the colour set, it used the index of the set of colours (xIndex) which was 0, then 1 for the first four palette values (offset and lengths) and the last three palette values. This meant it poked in colour codes for indexes 0 and 1 only, and left the remaining 5 zero. The one that was poked into index 1 is meant for palettes at index 4, 5 and 6. The index needs to be saved and the palette codes stored in a little loop so that the new index keeps match with the one that is used in storing the offsets and lengths. There's also another bug, more an oversight, in the coverage code. This meant, when I eventually worked it out, that the order of items in the inventory, that is the order in the items-Instance-Inventory, changed how clothes and armour overlaid each other. After mucking around with all sorts of ideas, I realised that the trick is to sort the inventory first, in a temporary array of objects, in order of coverage. A second problem with this code is that then the palettes are not right. A higher coverage item might have an overlapping palette range, because say the palette codes for arms are included in the palette codes for coats. The correct way is a bit fiddly. (I have code if anyone needs). You need to make an array of 100 entries, one for each palette slot. This is populated as each item's palette offset and length is dealt with. As the items are now sorted in coverage order, the later items will overlay the palette slots as needed. When all items equipped are done, the array is read through to determine a master palette list, that is of offset and length values, where the array is not zero. Armour and underwear now correctly appear, irregardless of inventory order. The method faster because it no longer does a zillion matches against each inventory item to work out coverage. Oh and you can spawn items with colour. Colour is only partially implemented, but I can do SpawnItem NN,Colour. My item grabber code makes a list of what colours are possible (I made a table of each item code, against each colour, and icon). This is complicated! Generating an item of a particular colour, if that colour exists, makes it change the icon for that item. I had to make the colour get stored against the inventory. A load more stuff needs to be stored too per item. It should also have a shading value, which is a number between 0 and 1. This works like this - when an item's palette is loaded, it finds a palette file. This palette file can contain many palettes for that given colour, say if it's 20, the shading value is timed by that count, so a shade of .25 would make it pick colour index 5. I had some fun putting weight into the game. UAS already had burden in per object. Sometimes it was called weight. It just meant keeping track of the weight of items picked up and dropped and feeding out the right message. Making shields and weapons stay wielded when logging out and in was a major headache. I fairly easily had it restoring that state, but they would not show up in the slots. I created a wielded flag per item... I made a lot of changes to get this to work and I still have to do the same for bows and wands. I created a primitive loot system. Now you can kill monsters and their corpses include random loot. I revised this a bit, especially as the very first set of loot included a focussing stone - and made it give more emphasis to junk rather than top notch armour. At this stage, armour and other things are still not randomised - they are just direct copies of the templates. It amused me to make it drop random pyreals, although there's a 100 things wrong with how those are handled (stacking etc). And gems aren't working for me, they don't appear at all. So now you can hunt, find weapons and armour and equip those items, and they all appear and work, sort of. Except all melee attacks are currently reported as bludgeoning! Doing all this made me realise I've a lot wrong with the items as they've been acquired and due to a fault in my own capture program, I'm missing many types of things, jewellery for instance. On the other hand I've changed the items grabbing code to check for duplicates properly.. so I've not filled the database with duplicate stuff - but more work to do there, and that's what I'm doing next. Then it's back to the monsters to work out why only some of them work.
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    Very nice! I love it!
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    So, I decided to sneak the forum upgrade in without scheduling a downtime. Here's a quick rundown of what to expect: Your account information and password are the same if you're already a member. Most data including topics, replies, reputation, profiles, PM's, and more are intact after the conversion. Some minor things like the amount of topic "views" and "most users online" have been reset to 0. ACEmulator now has an entirely new look and feel to it! Minor bugs after conversion: Converted posts have an extra space inserted between line breaks. Future posts won't have this issue. They can also be edited to remove the extra spaces if need be. Converted topics show one less post than they really have. This fixes itself if a new post is added. In case you're wondering, one of the main reasons for the switch is the fact that IPS has hundreds of useful plugins while vBulletin Connect literally has none. There's really a lot of good reasons for the switch though besides that and I hope you all enjoy the new look and feel of our forums! I haven't noticed any major bugs yet myself but please send me a PM if you run into any and I'll do my best to get it fixed ASAP.
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    So, I decided to sneak the forum upgrade in without scheduling a downtime. Here's a quick rundown of what to expect: Your account information and password are the same if you're already a member. Most data including topics, replies, reputation, profiles, PM's, and more are intact after the conversion. Some minor things like the amount of topic "views" and "most users online" have been reset to 0. ACEmulator now has an entirely new look and feel to it! Minor bugs after conversion: Converted posts have an extra space inserted between line breaks. Future posts won't have this issue. They can also be edited to remove the extra spaces if need be. Converted topics show one less post than they really have. This fixes itself if a new post is added. In case you're wondering, one of the main reasons for the switch is the fact that IPS has hundreds of useful plugins while vBulletin Connect literally has none. There's really a lot of good reasons for the switch though besides that and I hope you all enjoy the new look and feel of our forums! I haven't noticed any major bugs yet myself but please send me a PM if you run into any and I'll do my best to get it fixed ASAP. View full article
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    Asheron's Call has finally come to an end after a long 17+ year journey. We'll probably never see the game exactly as it once was but thanks to the MASSIVE amount of data that was collected over the last few weeks, our developers now have the means to hopefully re-create AC as close as possible to what we once knew and loved. Turbine/WB tried to pull a fast one on us by pulling the plug so quickly but our community banded together and fought back by tirelessly logging data around the clock and from every corner of Dereth, right up until the final moments of the servers being shut down. In the end, our valiant data miners were able to capture over 131 million packets containing over 224 million total game messages. Many of these messages contain valuable information such as object placement, item stats, quests, portal locations, action sequences, vendor inventories, and more, that are extremely helpful for preserving the true AC experience. Among that data is roughly 200 newly created characters, 800 recalls to lifestones, 4,000 player deaths, 167,000 defeated foes, 1.4 million cast spells, 4.1 million item identifications, and 8.7 million game objects. More logs continue to trickle in so the final numbers could go even higher still. To show just how much coverage we achieved, all the red areas on this map indicate player positions: It can't be understated just how helpful the data mining effort was, so here's a HUGE thank you to every single person that contributed to our data mining effort in one way or another! Without your help ACEmu wouldn't have been possible. Now that we have the logs it's going to be up to our highly skilled team of developers to transform all that vital data into a working and playable game. It's going to be a long time before we're able to get ACEmu just as playable as you once remembered but it can definitely be done. I'll try my best to keep everyone updated on the progress of ACEmu throughout the development process. We also plan on putting up a test server once ACEmu reaches a certain state of functionality, possibly within the next few weeks depending on progress. Make sure to check back often for any new developments! View full article
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    Thanks! much better now. Nice to see some lifestones too, it's great to see the progress being made.
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    Bug Reporting Template ============================== Title:Chat channels on the first account, + Friends issues Class: Standard Pre alpha bugs Date: 3/3/2017 Reported By:Warloxx Product:ACEmu Version:Unsure Is it reproducible: Yes Description =========== on a fully clean install of the emulator and database creation, when you create your first account and then login you get your 4 chat windows. When you log out and back in you no long can connect to the chat channels. This ONLY seems to happen with the very first created account and the very FIRST character. the rest seem ok. Steps to Produce/Reproduce -------------------------- Start a clean Install (FULL) Clean DB and fresh Emu run there server (no accounts at all) create your first account. Login with that account login and password. create your first character and go in game , set up the F11 settings you want (hit default if you like) and just wait afew seconds to make sure the character is in the DB, at this point you should have the 4 chat channels and General chat. Now log out and back in, this is were i find I have none of the 4 channels just the main chat. if I create a second character on this account that seems to work fine. even if I create a guest account that works ok, no matter what rights I give them (0-5). I am also seeing issues with the friends panel, the First account has chat issues on the first character but the second account has it on the second char and the third account has it on the second character, the friend issue seems to be in the same order... 1st account - 1st character - no chat channels and friends don't show in window, (can't re-enter them says they already exist) 2nd account - 2nd character - no chat channels and friends don't show in window, (can't re-enter them says they already exist) 3rd account - 2nd character - no chat channels and friends don't show in window, (can't re-enter them says they already exist) Expected Results ---------------- Actual Results -------------- Workarounds ----------- Attachments ----------- Other Information ----------------- I have been at this for like 6 hours and have been getting the same results every time, Questions ask, I am a 3rd shifter and heading to bed for now, more later, sorry to be a pain. I beta tested the original AC before it went public in 1999. If i remember it started in 94 or 95 anyway, Keep up the great works guys.
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    I also agree with this. DM was my favorite time period with the best memories (I voted for it) but there is lot of newer content I would not want to play without either. I would be very happy with somewhere between 2010 to 2012. I hate the weapon changes patch and most patch after that though.
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    This I can agree with, pre DM was the best time for PVP. No weeping wands, no rending, no cantrips, just skill.
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    What is ACEmu? ACEmu (short for ACEmulator) is a new open source server emulator written in C# for the MMORPG Asheron's Call. It allows anybody to run their own private or public server. Can I play ACEmu without setting up a server? Yes, although the server owner must create an account for you first currently. This will change as soon as a custom launcher for the AC client is built. What client do I need to connect to an ACEmu server? The latest AC client and data files which are still available from the following links (Who knows for how much longer so make copies): http://content.turbine.com/sites/cli...ac1install.exe http://content.turbine.com/acpatch/ac_data.zip Does ACEmu cost anything to play? No, absolutely not. What's the plan for ACEmu? Our goal is to re-create Asheron's Call as close as possible to the way it was, right before the servers were shut down. How long will it take the ACEmu server to be reasonably playable? There's really no way to tell but progress is constantly being made. How long has ACEmu been in development? The initial commit on our Github was on Jan 15, 2017. Will I be able to customize my ACEmu server? Yes. You'll be able to edit and mold the game to your liking through various means including a config file, the database, and also the source code itself. How can I help? The best way to help (if your not a developer) is by spreading the word about the ACEmulator project to other Asheron's Call players. Do you accept donations? No, not at this time. Are you worried about C&D's? No.
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    I was too depressed yesterday and forgot to upload what I had until today HUGE thanks to everyone involved in these efforts, especially Mag_nus for the great plugins (that goes for the past as well... I used Mag-Tools religiously).
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    Attached is a image of the total coverage so far from tfarley. Pat yourselves on the back.
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    Bug Reporting Template ============================== Title: Class: e.g. "Feature Request", "System Error", "Serious Bug" Date: Reported By: Version: Is it reproducible: Yes / Occasionally / One Time / No Description =========== Steps to Produce/Reproduce -------------------------- Expected Results ---------------- Actual Results -------------- Workarounds ----------- Attachments ----------- Other Information
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    Hey folks, I've been working on a tool to help inspect AC1 packet capture files (generated by aclog) that you can grab here: https://github.com/tfarley/aclogview/releases If you're curious, you can open your pcap logs to get a better idea of what the packets contain (only from aclog; no Wireshark yet). It also contains a ton of structures to parse and interpret a good majority of the interesting/common packets. It's built from scratch to follow the actual AC protocol as closely as possible, avoiding hacks and workarounds like those in UAS2 and derivatives. It still needs a bunch more work and testing, but can already reveal a lot about AC's network traffic. Let me know what you think.
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    Dates are based on major game changes. The Master of Arms patch was chosen as a time period because that's the patch that started a downward spiral of other game altering patches before the game went into maintenance mode. 1999 - 2001: Original 2001 - 2005: Dark Majesty 2005 - 2012: Thrones of Destiny 2012 - 2017: Master of Arms Patch
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    Lol, well the hosting company is performing the upgrade when they get some time which is why I don't know exactly when it will happen. 15 minutes isn't too bad though considering the new version of PHP will significantly speed the forums up! The only other downtime I have planned after this will be for the forum conversion which could take a few hours to complete.
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    I popped in and did an announcement on all the servers at one point during the data mining but it was pretty late in the shutdown period by that time so I am sure not many people saw it at the end of the day. I didn't get on DT in that process (could explain it) but the server had been dead for so long I wasn't sure if there was anyone to even alert. Sucks you missed it but at least you know now! I even put something in the Save AC facebook page at one point but it got buried with nostalgia posts so fast I doubt very many people saw it. I think it's safe to say all in all not much of the player base knows about the Emulator project and as of my last check the FB group people were still lamenting the loss and there was no sense of hope going on over there but I figured probably best not to try and post anything more about the Emulator until it's closer to completion.
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    Thank you for all the data mining you did! Your files have been added to the collection for the developers. Together we can bring Dereth back to life.
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    We'll provide compiled binaries of the ACEmu server at some point on our Github so you won't always need Visual Studio. You'll always need MySQL/MariaDB though if you want to run a server.
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    ACEmu is currently in a very early stage of development. At the time of this writing you can create an account, create a character, enter into the game world, and use a teleport command, nothing more yet. It is meant mainly for developers to test functionality at the moment. With that said, here's how to set up your own ACEmulator server! Requirements: Visual Studio 2017 (2015 also works) MySQL 5.6 or MariaDB equivalent Latest Asheron's Call client Step 1: Download or fork the ACEmu server source code from our Github HERE Step 2: Create three new databases with the following names: ace_auth ace_character ace_world Step 3: Load the SQL files found in the Database/Base folder into their respective DB's. Step 4: Load all SQL updates from the Database/Updates folder into their respective DB's. Step 5: Edit the Config.json file and adjust to your server and MySQL settings. Step 6: Build and run ACE.exe. Step 7: Create a new account using the server console window: accountcreate username password Step 8: Launch AC with the following parameters (Make sure to change the IP to the same IP you used in the Config file) acclient.exe -a username -h -glsticketdirect password Notes: If you're running the server on a different IP instead of localhost, make sure to edit that in both the Config.json file and when launching the AC client. - Make sure you have ports 9000 and 9008 open on both your firewall and router.
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    Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a little more info on the current state of ACEmu (the new Asheron's Call server emulator being written from the ground up in C# for the latest client). You can always check to see how things are progressing by clicking the "Github Repository" link at the top of the forums. ACEmu is also 100% open source so anybody can contribute by forking the repository and then submitting a pull request. ACEmu is currently in a very early stage of development which only began about a week ago. There's nothing functional that would be of interest to most people yet, unless of course you're a developer and looking to help out with the project. You can currently get to the character select screen and create an account via the server console. I know it doesn't sound like much but it's actually a lot more impressive underneath the hood! Some of our current goals in the development of ACEmu include: Implementation of the database layer Account creation Character creation, delete, restore Analyzing and Rebuilding packet structures Looking at world entry once other core functions are working correctly We already have some very talented individuals contributing to the ACEmu project in their spare time and they deserve a lot of credit for their dedication and hard work. That doesn't mean we couldn't use some additional help though. If you're interested in helping with the development of the ACEmu server then let us know about it here or on our Discord channel. I'll post another update once we successfully get through some of these initial goals.
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    If you're looking to help out with our data mining efforts even further then there's four new Decal plugins available that should be added to your lineup ASAP, courtesy of Mag-nus. Mag-WorldObjectLogger: https://magtools.codeplex.com/releases/view/630362 Mag-LootLogger: https://magtools.codeplex.com/releases/view/82824 Mag-VendorLogger: https://magtools.codeplex.com/releases/view/630366 Mag-CombatLogger: https://magtools.codeplex.com/releases/view/630433 The best way to submit your logs is by creating a free Google Drive account. You can easily upload your logs there and then link to them here on our forums. Thanks! ***** UPDATE ***** Miach has kindly provided a way for everyone to upload their log files with ease here: http://aka-steve.com/uploads/
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    A Discord server was created and the widget has been added to both the Home and main forum pages as requested. Discord Channel