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  1. Can we help? Mundane tasks, coding, etc?

    Do you guys need any assistance from the general populace? Crunching numbers, sorting data, coding small units, diagnosing oddities, tracking down info?
  2. Emulator availability

    Awesome, thanks for the information. I keep thinking of places I wish I had gone to for logging because they aren't spots that other people may have.
  3. Emulator availability

    Would there be a possibility of iterative release? Like "Hey check it out, you can run around and fight bunnies but you only have a drudge board with nail" - stuff to keep excitement piqued?
  4. Awesome, that's great news!
  5. Mag Logger Files

    Excellent, thank you very much!
  6. Mag Logger Files

    So I've uploaded the packet logger data files using the Steve's uploader thingy - do I upload the Mag Logger files in the same place? Is it basically just all of the csv files in the 3 folders? Can I zip them all up together? Thanks!