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  1. I popped in and did an announcement on all the servers at one point during the data mining but it was pretty late in the shutdown period by that time so I am sure not many people saw it at the end of the day. I didn't get on DT in that process (could explain it) but the server had been dead for so long I wasn't sure if there was anyone to even alert. Sucks you missed it but at least you know now! I even put something in the Save AC facebook page at one point but it got buried with nostalgia posts so fast I doubt very many people saw it. I think it's safe to say all in all not much of the player base knows about the Emulator project and as of my last check the FB group people were still lamenting the loss and there was no sense of hope going on over there but I figured probably best not to try and post anything more about the Emulator until it's closer to completion.
  2. This I can agree with, pre DM was the best time for PVP. No weeping wands, no rending, no cantrips, just skill.