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    I am stuck in portal space. Feels like being inside Browerk's belly
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  1. Favorite Time Period

    I played from 99-02 and then from 2014 on making my opinion very donut-y. Coming back to a maintenance mode end version was kind of cool... it was nice to see how the game had evolved over 12 years. For nostalgia, I liked the original release with the ugly mosswarts. I had DM pre-ordered and while it had its moments, aside from housing, I didn't really care. Aun tumeroks were meh, the new island was ok, carenzi were annoying, the siraluun dress was kind of funny and Aun Raeta's necklace was great for spamming butterflies. But coming back in maintenance mode, several advances were made that were good. Augmentations, luminance, new character races, I like those. Alchemy grenades, love those. Facility hub, big XP quests... all good. Tailoring... awesome. So I actually like it the way it was when it went down, because I'm not sure when all of that stuff came into existence.
  2. Emulator availability

    I wish I knew about this earlier, I only had two days' worth of running around to try to generate data. I guess every little bit helps, but thanks to everyone who is trying to make this work! :)