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  1. DarkerTide

    I completely understand your point of view regarding magicd during that era, but i had no problems on my life/magicd/ua character. I also had no problem on my creature/magicd/sword character. At that time, you had to basically choose between a pvp template, or a pve template. Yes there was a bit of a gap but i killed lvl 126 mages on my lvl 76 sword character with a hollow sword lol :O that 126 gimp hahaha.
  2. Contacting old DEVS

    I already tried to get one over but they said they can't help with any Emulator project due to a NDA they are still under.
  3. What can we do to help?

    Don't bother advertising on the "Save Asheron's Call group" I've been warn twice by this so called "Rocky Batton" Which i lost all hopes since i think he just pulling shit out his ass now. I'm still in the group, but anytime i add a EMU video/image or say anything about ACEmulator he deletes my shit and warns me rudely. If All 3k of those people think he is going to save AC then they need to re evaluate them self. Obviously nothing happened but false hope and nothing isn't going to happen other than turn into a Fan group pretty soon.