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  1. Best bet would to join us in Discord. https://discord.gg/mVtGhSv And poke around the code, see what it's doing, try to break it, and most importantly ask any questions you might have!
  2. As for the ACE.exe not compiling, check out the FAQ at https://github.com/ACEmulator/ACE It's towards the bottom and mentions the StyleCop stuff... Basically, if you don't have it to begin with, the ACE project won't load. (You may also need to right click on ACE in the Solution Explorer and "Set as Startup Project", as well. It will be bold if it is...) That may actually solve your other issue. From what I can figure out from that error, the calls it makes reference to don't currently exist. Also, the Server Time message no displays to the console (it's goes to a log). The only messages you should see are "Staring ACEmulator...", some about binding to ips/ports and loading of the cell and portal dat files. (Followed by "ACEmulator command prompt ready.") So if you can load the ACE solution properly and rebuild everything, it should behave a little better... Let us know!
  3. So a "View" is basically like a pre-defined query that typically pulls information from multiple tables into one virtual table. As the name implies, it's for viewing the data but not really editing it. Don't have access to the database at the moment, but I believe the view you're speaking of references ace_object and base_ace_object. By looking at the structure of those two, you should hopefully see how/where you'd need to add in a new item. (There may be other places that an item touches, too, I don't know off-hand)
  4. That's because all of those world objects have been incorporated into the main SQL files. They are simply broken out in case you wand/need to erase it all and re-import without re-creating the tables themselves.
  5. Either create the file "config.json" in the ProjectDir (Source\ACE\config.json) or remove the copy command from the Build Events (Select the "ACE" solution, go to the Project menu and "ACE Properties..." and under Build Events is the "copy ...." command (you can remove it).
  6. That field is just an INT (Technically, "TINYINT" or "BOOL").. So your code would look something like this: UPDATE `character` SET `isAdmin` = ' WHERE `guid` = 1; (Change the table/field name if I don't have them right...going off memory).
  7. Looks like this was adjusted slightly in one of the commits. Your character now needs to be an admin (see table "ace_character"."character" in the database) You can manually edit your character and set "isAdmin" to 1 (default is 0)