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  1. UAS2 Progress

    Awesome update. Video any time soon?
  2. UAS2 Progress

    Awesome work! you are making great progress.
  3. What if

    We wont raise the 7+ million dollars needed.
  4. UAS2 Progress

    Awesome. I have been waiting for an update!
  5. UAS2 Progress

    I cant wait to get my old Grindy AC back lol.
  6. UAS2 Progress

    You are doing awesome work keep it up. maybe github it soon!
  7. UAS2 Progress

    this stuff is looking really good. Good job.
  8. UAS2 Progress

    Great work!
  9. DarkerTide

    A lot of your requests are reasonable and unlike turbine we will work with you guys to "Balance" the server. Balance in the sense of DM vs ToD changes.
  10. DarkerTide

    Currently I am just thinking of things that can be done via database trigger or removing or changing item stats.
  11. DarkerTide

    Ok, currently i am hearing you want XP items gone and no housing barrier. This this a fair judgement? We could remove rares from the loot table in the PK server if that is what people want. This will all be up for a community debate. I am just getting ideas.
  12. DarkerTide

    So this is a bit early i know but how would you like your server when the time comes? you want no housing barrier? any other simple things like that, that would in your eyes make the server better.
  13. Questions Thread

    This might help a bit.
  14. Emulator availability

    Exactly like that, but most people would really like to just connect. Instead of installing a bunch of things and having to compile code. This would just make it easier for non-technical users.
  15. Emulator availability

    Once ACE leaves a state of heavy flux. I plan to host a QA server. where everyone can come and what is new, this server will be wiped on regular intervals.