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  1. Awesome update. Video any time soon?
  2. Awesome work! you are making great progress.
  3. We wont raise the 7+ million dollars needed.
  4. Awesome. I have been waiting for an update!
  5. I cant wait to get my old Grindy AC back lol.
  6. You are doing awesome work keep it up. maybe github it soon!
  7. this stuff is looking really good. Good job.
  8. A lot of your requests are reasonable and unlike turbine we will work with you guys to "Balance" the server. Balance in the sense of DM vs ToD changes.
  9. Currently I am just thinking of things that can be done via database trigger or removing or changing item stats.
  10. This might help a bit.
  11. Attached is a image of the total coverage so far from tfarley. Pat yourselves on the back.
  12. Bug Reporting Template ============================== Title: Class: e.g. "Feature Request", "System Error", "Serious Bug" Date: Reported By: Version: Is it reproducible: Yes / Occasionally / One Time / No Description =========== Steps to Produce/Reproduce -------------------------- Expected Results ---------------- Actual Results -------------- Workarounds ----------- Attachments ----------- Other Information
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESWzPhZWYeI
  14. It has been done. http://acemulator.org/forum/development/development-aa/102-uas2-v1-2-2-95-visual-studio-2015-edition