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  1. Now what?

    How does this work? I installed a fresh instance of the server last night and clicking on the map had no effect. Great work so far though. I plan on keeping a server running the latest updates.
  2. Additional Data Logging Tools

    That's exactly what I was talking about. I've had Archive.org fail me a few times in the past. It's worth having a copy.
  3. Additional Data Logging Tools

    Before Turbine/WB scrubbed Asheron's Call from the internet I saw people posting links to a Turbine hosted Cell.dat file. It sounds like that file was everything. Did anybody capture those files?
  4. Favorite Time Period

    It's important to focus. Recreating this wonderful game with all of the current features and content is a daunting task. It took Turbine 20+ years. Get the basic engine working and make it as modular as possible. It's fine to think about a long term vision but as a developer that can be scary as hell.
  5. Favorite Time Period

    I voted Original but I could go with Dark Majesty. I played HEAVILY from June 2000 until the release of AC2 in November 2002. I've pretty much had an active subscription the whole time but I find it extremely difficult to get caught up after all these years. Maybe the focus should be on core functionality and then allow different groups to customize for the time period they prefer. Focus first on skills, inventory, combat etc and then worry about content.