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  1. Oh, people are working on PhatAC? I thought it was abandoned a long time ago.
  2. More Questions

    Now I have some that might not have answers yet. Any insight is appreciated. I have tried quite a few WoW private servers over the years. Probably starting in ~2007 up until now. Nostalrius is the first one I played that was hard to distinguish from a real WoW server. Some were closer than others of course, but the vast majority had things that really stuck out. Combat was probably one of the most noticeable issues. It felt off right away most of the time. Other things would be physics things like monsters running through terrain and otherwise bugging out. It seemed to take quite awhile to create a WoW private server that people really accepted and flocked to. how do you expect ACEmulator to go compared to that? Will it likely take years of fine tuning for ACEmulator as well? Is AC fundamentally easier to emulate than WoW? Does all of the data collected before the shut down give you a significant advantage over what WoW private server developers had? Is it too early to tell any of this? Thanks.
  3. Noob here. I am stuck on step 4. I am not sure exactly what to put into config.json.
  4. More Questions

    Cool, thanks =)
  5. More Questions

    Hello, I have some questions as well, but I didn't want to hijack the other thread. 1) You are working on an emulator for the latest version of AC, correct? 1a) it seemed at first you guys were planning to do a ~2004 version, why did you change your mind? Is it because there is no data available for some of that old content? It does seem like it would be hard to recreate some of that stuff without the old files. Would it ever be possible to do it without help from WB/Turbine? 2) Will your emulator be free to download and run on our PC like the one pea posted on the AC subreddit, or will it be something we have to connect to like the Nostalrius/Elysium/Project Ascension WoW private servers? I REALLY hope the former will be possible, because I want to be able to have my own server to play on. I don't have the time, resources, or technical knowledge to be hosting a public server. I want this because it would ensure that AC can never be taken away from me again. It wouldn't be vulnerable to cease and desists, or any other reasons for shutting down a server, and it wouldn't be able to be ruined by things like duping. As long as I have the files on my PC and a backup somewhere; I could always log into AC and play my characters, even if i'm 90 years old. Regardless, I want to sincerely thank everyone working on this project. I really had my hopes up that Turbine would keep their word and give the game to us, the players. I am deeply saddened, like many of us, that they chose to do things this way. I am really glad, however, that someone is working to keep the game alive. Thank you.