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  1. DarkerTide

    nahh he was just dumb wearing the knorr helm which had crap base AL and was very weak to hollows. That was the beauty of early ac man :O
  2. DarkerTide

    I completely understand your point of view regarding magicd during that era, but i had no problems on my life/magicd/ua character. I also had no problem on my creature/magicd/sword character. At that time, you had to basically choose between a pvp template, or a pve template. Yes there was a bit of a gap but i killed lvl 126 mages on my lvl 76 sword character with a hollow sword lol
  3. DarkerTide

    think the worst thing you could do is disable resists, grief templates were a staple in pvp in pre dm. If you roll everything back to pre dmg (by altering items/portals/xp gains) there wont be a issue with people having 500 magicd and resisting every other war spell. I posted a suggestion on darktide awhile back let me copy/paste it With the current state of the emulators, one is not far off. Id like to define a few goals for the possibility of an old school server using the current client when i say removal i mean by any means (removal/restriction/altering via database) 1 : Removal of all portals incorporated in ToD and after A. Easily accomplished using the wiki to track which patch portals/quests were implemented 2 : Removal of Luminance Flag NPC 3 : Removal of Aetheria Flag NPC's 4 : Removal of Tier 8 and Tier 7 loot A. Majors would be the top tier loot, no set pieces at all 5 : Removal of all quest items incorporated in ToD and After A. Possible Exception: Shadow Armor (due to the nature of turbines change to the old shadow armor) B. Altering of Quest items to match their pre-ToD values (sword of lost hope, sword of lost light example) 6 : Removal of Town Network Portal 7 : Reintergration of former portals around dereth (including subway and others that were destroyed) 8 : Tier 8 areas such as Snowy/Graveyard/Neftet/Gear Knights spawns removed 9 : Removal of all Rares A. Implementation of Tinkering Buff +275 to all Tinkering Skills for 15 Minutes. Cast on the Tinker once a day via town crier to prevent abuse 10 : Removal of Xp Gems/Foolproof/MFKs/Tier 8/7 from gambling 11 : Removal of All Chat Channels such as General/LFG/Roleplay/Allegiance A. This would bring back people actually grouping/meeting up with guildies at certain places 12 : Fix Loopholes/Exploits 13 : Housing Probably couldnt be removed, Disable all housing barriers These are just loose guidelines of what would be the start of a oldschool server. Most of this could be altered via the database (do we have any database experts here?)
  4. Ideas/Brainstorming

    you are awesome Kaos that would be excellent!
  5. Getting Started with the ACEmu Server

    what about connecting to a server that someone else is running, would that require a custom launcher?
  6. Ideas/Brainstorming

    From what ive seen so far, you guys are working with the current client? My question is this, once the emulator is finished, could a oldschool server be achieved via changes to the database? Examples Restrict Portals to +envoys only or remove them all together Alter Unwanted quest items to require a unused race Remove the NPCS for luminance flag/aetheria flag Remove Loot Tiers Just trying to ascertain if something like this would be viable?