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  1. Which Key to change color of Armor?

    I actually figured this out. Here's a new question, has anyone been able to create custom mobs that successfully attack with a melee weapon? Whenever I assign a weapon, the mob will not attack. If I remove the weapon, they do attack, but it's just unarmed punches.
  2. Hoping someone here can help. Which key dictates the color of a piece of armor? Let's say I want to change the color of a custom Platemail Helm, which key would I be looking to modify? I can get it in game but I can't for the life of me figure out how to change the damn color lol.
  3. Getting Started with the ACEmu Server

    If you run into the "Connection Failed, Can't Bind Local Socket" error when attempting to launch the ACClient.exe with the arguments provided in the instructions, go into Documents\Asheron's Call\UserPreferences.ini and change ComputeUniquePort=false to true. I had to do this to get past the error.