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  1. Pea was able to use the debugger (Turbine included it in the client download for a few years) on the client to reverse engineer a lot of stuff like physics. Have you looked into that? Great work so far! Thumbs up!
  2. I had to smile reading your post and thinking back to the 1990's & gaming. My first thought was "dude cd_noclip" haha! Sorry, Doom reference. With walls and collision detection coming together, are you ready to tackle the "Wi Flag" or threat/threat priority for mobs? I've always found threat/threat priority interesting in AC. your progress looks great. It will be awesome when all three emu projects are out there in prime time. Keep up the good work!
  3. Major & Minor stones. Gotta love 'em! I have faith we'll be back one day. Go devs go!
  4. Step 1: SoLL keys Step 2: SoLL Step 3: Halls of the Helm/flaming shield Step 4: Collier Step 5: Soul Fearing Yes - I got a thing against the undead... 😜
  5. @Gefferz - if I can help in any way, please let me know. Even something like data entry wouldn't bother me in the least. Love your updates and progress so far!
  6. The focus for ACE is a ground up new coding of an emulator as close to the end of retail as possible. Getting the basics down first: lifestones populated, doors working, etc. Get on the discord channel. Lots of good work being done there. Go Devs Go!!
  7. Didn't Tumeroks get a rework for ToD? And ToD introduced a second look for them as well? I'll check my notes... can't seem to find anything on Maggie's site. Oh well. That's what I seem to remember ToD did a "graphics upgrade" or something. Non-Sequitor Miscellaneous Random - found this @commands page on her site though: http://www.thejackcat.com/AC/Odds'nEnds/@command.htm brings back a flood of memories on her site. Sigh.... now back to my regular post, already in progress. Anyway! Love the work you're doing and the progress made. If we're missing one mob out of all AC offered, I will still play it. Would prefer Morsmen be the mob, not tumies.. oh well. In the end, As long as I can kill undead, zombies, revs, liches, lich lords, dark magus (magi?), I will be fine.
  8. Yes. Disable weather works, I think. Was told it is there. But I am of the opinion that constant rain is appropriate as a mood setter.
  9. Wowzers!!! Great work! I have an old copy of AC on a Windows ME machine. Not sure what the date is on the client or portal.dat. Can't be older than 2005. Would that be any help to you, or anyone?
  10. I wish someone in /general chat would have mentioned this project. Had no idea until the day after... so sad.
  11. How about we not turn AC into WoW. Mm'kay? Thank you.