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    Make max level something along the lines of 60, but add skill level and attribute modifiers to items. The better the stat modifiers, the higher the value of the item. For example: I might be a max level 60 war mage, but I have a hauberk that adds 100 to my War Magic skill, as well as a corresponding amount of Mana/Focus/Self. Random loot / crafting tiers would be the ideal way to generate items with high level attributes, while quest-based loot would be tiered based on availability and access. No-drop items like shadow armor, atlan weapons would have a baseline which is enough to get by, but not incredibly competitive. This would result in an increased level of competition as, in addition to vitae, people are constantly competing to stay competitive without an overly repetitive grind. Plus, the server devs can modify items to balance skills and make combat more exciting ... without having to nerf or otherwise change the stats directly attributed to players. It would also allow players to customize battle suits for different types of fights, while also increasing the reward/motivation to explore PVE content as well as control areas that have vital loot drops. I'm hoping to be able to join a server dev team to contribute to such a project, as I have experience with database administration.