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  1. DarkerTide

    The point is that the solution could be very extreme, but still require no changes to PvE. I don't personally think it's necessary, but it's a common enough complaint that it would probably continue until someone tries completely nerfing it. Spamming drain health 1, harming people to death almost at the edge of the radar, and invincible robes were staples of PvP pre DM. "Golden age" recounts of DT tend to involve selective memory. Even if you meant pre ToD, I can say from experience that needing speced life magic on a melee just led me to switch to a Sho mage with speced magic d...and suddenly everyone was a Sho mage with speced magic d! We can't put the toothpaste back in the tube on that one.
  2. DarkerTide

    I realize that, but there was PvP outside of Darktide, with the same problems. Most of the common complaints can be addressed with PvP itself. The major exception is disabling housing. lol famous last words. Someone will find a new way, or step up all the other exploits that had already been used to stockpile the broken stuff well before. If the items are there, the motivation is there. If there are rare buffs in the game, they could be dispelled by PvP combat, or just not work on PKs and PKLs. Disabling the gem's use by linking it to the old 30 second combat timer wouldn't cut it. Even without rares, there are numerous other buff items which can and will be abused, like the Harbinger protection gems, luminance crystals, and penguin eggs. Ratings and high mods broke both PvP and PvE. Again, this goes back to much of these unpopular and problematic things not being unique to an all PK server.
  3. DarkerTide

    I'd hope the emulator would not include rares or XP items to begin with. Best case scenario, people will bog any public server down with farmer bots. Worst case, someone will crash it trying to dupe. We need to start with standardized PvP rules before Darktide rules. For example, none of these require a forked PK server: 1) Ignore ratings. 2) Disable chugs. 3) Disable resisting spells. 4) Disable random combat spells like aetheria surges, cloaks, and dirty fighting. 5) Dispel any intentionally overpowered buffs, rares or otherwise. Slightly off topic, but I did not like percentage based modifiers in PvE, either, as they compounded until near invincibility.