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  1. Title: Server crashes if you increase skill beyond 230 Class: "Bug" Date: 2/21/2017 Reported By: Maverickz Product: ACEmu Version: Not even sure how to check, it is not reported when starting the server. Is it reproducible: Yes Description =========== Unhandled Exception: System.ArguementOutOfRangeException. Index was out of range. Steps to Produce/Reproduce -------------------------- Log into the game client, use @grantxp to grant yourself lots of XP and use it to max out the run skill (easier to get around). If you stop at skill 230 everything is fine. But if you go to 235 then try to run, the server crashes with the aforementioned error. Not sure if this really needs to be raised right now, since I am sure this would get found and fixed once someone starts working on the skills but I thought I would let you guys know anyway.
  2. It appears that you have already run the file "2017_02_07_character_stats_xp_fields.sql" that is why all of the fields that it is trying to add are duplicates and all the fields that it is trying to remove do not exist. So ignore this. As far as logging out, as you have found the "Exit to Character Selection" does not work at all. The "Exit Game" will work, but ONLY if you have NOT already tried to Exit to Character Selection first. For some reason once you try to Exit to Char Select it then also breaks Exit Game until the next time you log in.
  3. Awesome, that worked perfectly. Thanks.
  4. The problem is probably that by default the Config.json file missing. Go into the \Source\ACE\ folder, find the file named Config.json.example rename it to Config.json then edit that file to the correct settings. Then it should compile correctly. NOTE: Once compiled, you can make changes to the deployed version of the Config.json file without needing to recompile.
  5. I checked that table and there is not an "isAdmin" field. I tried adding one as BIT(1), NOT NULL, Default 0. I then changed it to 1 and still no joy. Can you tell me what data type isAdmin is using in your version?