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  1. Chat channels on the first account

    Ok I keep messing with this and found so far that if I name a character with any skill name in it I can't enter the chat channels. Like Warloxx (War), Lifesgiver (Life), Salvager (Salvaging) all these character names seem to prevent me from entering the chat channels. Any Clue?
  2. Hi I was going to add what I have (@loc) to yours, but I wanted to test some out to make sure I was on the same page as you. I reverse engineered some of your numbers and got lost. The Glandenwood Dungeon Enter portal landed me on a hill top, where you land when taking the portal to GW in the woods on the run from Holt to GW. I dont know if this was a glitch in my conversion or what. I have the locs as: Glendenwood Dungeon Portal (Start Outside) 0xA0A4001F [75.129486 165.073257 67.761108] -0.021975 0.000000 0.000000 0.999759 Glendenwood Dungeon Landing (Inside) 0x01E30332 [150.196365 -157.349045 0.005000] 0.999999 0.000000 0.000000 -0.001413 Im running acclient Version and the latest client_cell_1.dat and client_portal.dat files. But when I reverse engineered yours I get: Glendenwood Dungeon Portal (Start Outside) 0xa0a4001f [42.968571 0.432444 4.287649] 0.037939 0.000000 0.000000 0.037868 Glendenwood Dungeon Landing (Inside) 0x01e3033d [43.210000 3.160000 0.033700] 0.037170 0.000000 0.000000 3.324968 I'm not sure if I am converting them wrong or what. Im using the programmer part of the MS calculator and swapping between Dec and Hex. Im I doing it right or no?
  3. Other Programs.

    LOL So I guess that restoring Arwic back to it Old self is out :( and OMG we are stuck with those Lazy ass built Town portal platforms... and does this mean I cant do anything with the DEVs Arwic up under the compass? shoz bot.
  4. Chat channels on the first account

    UPDATE: Well got some sleep (so did my computer) and started to work on it again, Still does the same thing but now in a different order. I'm going to go back and try the 2/28/2017 download I have (before the @spawntest update) and see what happens. NEW UPDATE: I think the trouble is in the 1st update done on 3/2/2017 were the CharacterOptions1 and 2 were added,
  5. Other Programs.

    i understand, I was just wanting to correct some issues that have been in the game from the start, you know, the floating vase in Nanto, the bad textures in the Mossy chamber. stuff like that.
  6. Chat channels on the first account

    Bug Reporting Template ============================== Title:Chat channels on the first account, + Friends issues Class: Standard Pre alpha bugs Date: 3/3/2017 Reported By:Warloxx Product:ACEmu Version:Unsure Is it reproducible: Yes Description =========== on a fully clean install of the emulator and database creation, when you create your first account and then login you get your 4 chat windows. When you log out and back in you no long can connect to the chat channels. This ONLY seems to happen with the very first created account and the very FIRST character. the rest seem ok. Steps to Produce/Reproduce -------------------------- Start a clean Install (FULL) Clean DB and fresh Emu run there server (no accounts at all) create your first account. Login with that account login and password. create your first character and go in game , set up the F11 settings you want (hit default if you like) and just wait afew seconds to make sure the character is in the DB, at this point you should have the 4 chat channels and General chat. Now log out and back in, this is were i find I have none of the 4 channels just the main chat. if I create a second character on this account that seems to work fine. even if I create a guest account that works ok, no matter what rights I give them (0-5). I am also seeing issues with the friends panel, the First account has chat issues on the first character but the second account has it on the second char and the third account has it on the second character, the friend issue seems to be in the same order... 1st account - 1st character - no chat channels and friends don't show in window, (can't re-enter them says they already exist) 2nd account - 2nd character - no chat channels and friends don't show in window, (can't re-enter them says they already exist) 3rd account - 2nd character - no chat channels and friends don't show in window, (can't re-enter them says they already exist) Expected Results ---------------- Actual Results -------------- Workarounds ----------- Attachments ----------- Other Information ----------------- I have been at this for like 6 hours and have been getting the same results every time, Questions ask, I am a 3rd shifter and heading to bed for now, more later, sorry to be a pain. I beta tested the original AC before it went public in 1999. If i remember it started in 94 or 95 anyway, Keep up the great works guys.
  7. Other Programs.

    I know this is kinda off topic... Kinda. and WAY early to ask but it is more food for thought, has anyone considered or maybe even started a World Editor for editing landscape/Buildings an what not?
  8. More then one on a server?

    Awesome thanks guys. This may sound odd but I play around with both PhatAC and ACE but for some reason (even though there is more in Phat to do) I think ACE is a better Project. Kinda like why do people like Leafcull over Solclaim same game and all just feels better. I real hope you keep up with this some people REALY do appreciate the work going into this. Once I get to looking over the code and understanding the structure, will most definitely try to help out. Im not great but i do know some.
  9. More then one on a server?

    BTW I also wanted to say the @cg / @tell work great, I cant delete a character... I mean I can he/she turns red after I type delete and all but even after 15 hours that character can still be restored.
  10. More then one on a server?

    Hi, I have been playing around with this and told my friends about this project (also long time players) and we decided to try to just hang at Holtburg, good times :) anyway I created the accounts gave them the addie and port sent them the *.bat file and dat files and all that happy horse hookie, so we all long in (starter dungeon) and head to holt - @teleloc 0xA9B40019 [84.386429 7.540645 94.005005] -0.999079 0.000000 0.000000 0.042915 BOOM Im here, Rodzillas here and the gang is all here .... But ... we can chat NP but no one can see on another. I was wondering if. maybe because we start in the starter dungeon we are flagged like many games do to.. no matter how many people start the game they are flagged to show as only one in the room, and when we leave that flag remains on the character? or is there some other reason we cant see on another? Maybe something that is not coded yet?
  11. Account Creation and Commands

    Well after a total trashing of my DB learning Navicat I had to reinstall ALL my DB's and... yes that worked. Thanks.
  12. Account Creation and Commands

    I just started from scratch as I do every time I download a updated version of the server, the latest version added accesslevel to the database. Now to create a account you just type in "accountcreate and you will get confirmation in this form... "Account successfully created for owner with access rights as an Admin." Example is... "accountcreate bob tom 5" that would make a login = bob password = tom and accesslevel 5 = admin . But now when I enter the world I have no commands I can use even though I login as bob (admin account) and create a character under that account. How do I make charatcers under the bob account Admin? In the database bobs id is 2 and the character i created in that account has a accountid of 2 but no admin rights (I can't use any commands .. @teleloc / @grantxp nothing.) What am I missing here? or has that abilitie (admin rights) not carry over to the characters yet?
  13. Bug reporting Template

    Ooops I did all but the ace_auth DB (or at least i didn't do it right) Im bought Navicat for my mysql databse GUI and I love it but am still learning it. I must have done that DB wrong. Thanks for your help. Works fine now.
  14. Bug reporting Template

    I just downloaded the newest SVN/Build (8:45 am EST) and compiled it. I then ran the ACE.exe and got this in my Command window... and this is the error window. I don't get this from my last download, I'm not sure what was changed/Added.
  15. Getting Started with the ACEmu Server

    Thanks my friend :) Im realy sorry for all the questions but i am new to all this... Kinda. I have played around with RunUO for years but not in VS just in Edit plus3 and I ran a .bat file to compile it.FAR cry from this setup. again thank you for all your help and patients with me. Hopefully if I get good at this I can pay it forward.