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  1. Emulator availability

    I know this isn't exactly what you are talking about, but see this thread http://acemulator.org/forums/support/general-support/304-getting-started-with-the-acemu-server
  2. Additional Data Logging Tools

    When the servers close are we going to post our portal & cell dat files? or is that too much data to work with reasonably?
  3. Favorite Time Period

    Favorite time in game world was before the housing portals were put in, lots of running and begging for portals, the world felt big and ready to be explored and people congregated in towns. However I liked the new content and mechanics up till about when the gearknights showed up as playable characters. I didn't like the fact that lower level content and progression was completely destroyed by that point. My dream would be a pre housing portal world with added dungeons/items/islands up to pre-luminescence (2010 ish) using the 2000 progression speed with the 275 cap.