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  1. Where do you download the game?

    those are not the correct files unfortunately. Those are 2010 or pre-2010 files. what do they (Warner Bro's) care about it just sitting in a vault somewhere not being used anyway? I don't see a problem if someone "Accidentally" found an anonymous upload somewhere.
  2. UAS2 Progress

    That's great where is the download
  3. The portals and other objects vanish/reload when moving into the object's landblock. Moving out they remain, but moving back into the landblock they vanish/reload again. maybe it needs some code to check if object is loaded already then don't reload. monsters don't appear to reload but the selection box de-selects the monster when re-entering the monster's landblock. if it's too early to be issuing bug reports, let me know. I wish I can help out better.
  4. Crashing on login

    Previous builds did not give me this issue. Bug Reporting Template ============================== Title: Class: Serious Bug Date:04/13/17 Reported By:Asole Version: Commit 9709959 Is it reproducible: Yes Description Builds ok and account and character creation works, but cannot login to game. Steps to Produce/Reproduce Download source as zip extract open source in visual studio configure the config.json Build Solution fails until manual creation of /ACE/bin/x64/Debug/ACE.exe directories and file Solution is built in /ACE/Tests instead of above directory Drop tables create tables import base tables import updates open /Source/ACE.Tests/bin/x64/Debug/ACE.exe create account -- success launch game -- success create character -- success login to game --fail Expected Results Expected to log in to game Actual Results ACE server crashed Workarounds fall-back to previous source Attachments Other Comments: I tried changing out between the stock acclient and the last acclient on doomsday, neither worked. I tried the same with the .dat files. something in the source or in my Visual studio changed dramatically a few commits ago, it didn't used to have issues with the source output but now it will say the ACE.exe not found unless I manually create it. It didn't used to make a x64 folder either. not sure if that is source or visual studio's doing.
  5. Crashing on login

    The visual studio installation had clickonce installed. Once I removed that it builds ok so it wasn't a bug with the emulator, just a bug with me and my build environment.
  6. 50 years sure goes fast!

    True. I don't have a copy of the ToS or Eula but it probably said something along the lines of "Turbine reserves the right to terminate your account for whatever reason they want to whenever they want." which would override the 50 year deal.
  7. Can someone explain views?

    is there somewhere I can go to learn about views? my town network portals are in the world but missing their radar dot, and are white when selected. I tried to search for them in the database, they don't exist so I was going to create them but it says I can't modify more than one base table through a join view so my question is how would I add baseid 2056994944 to vw_ace_object? the baseid 2056994944 doesn't exist in vw_ace_object but it does in ace_object, which I assume is why the portal is there but not showing up right.
  8. PhatAC released

    PhatAC does have some code that ACemu could possibly borrow from. I saw shops in cmoski's server and they have combat implemented as well as seeing other player animations. As for the weather, does the "Disable most weather effects" option work? I've not tested it yet and now it won't rain on mine.
  9. 18:33:46 Restoring R:\ACE-master\Database\Updates\World\001 Lifestone_weenies.sql Running: mysql.exe --defaults-file="c:\users\asole\appdata\local\temp\tmpjovsmg.cnf" --protocol=tcp --host=localhost --user=root --port=3306 --default-character-set=utf8 --comments --database=ace_world < "R:\\ACE-master\\Database\\Updates\\World\\001 Lifestone_weenies.sql" ERROR 1062 (23000) at line 1: Duplicate entry '509' for key 'PRIMARY' Operation failed with exitcode 1 18:33:46 Import of R:\ACE-master\Database\Updates\World\001 Lifestone_weenies.sql has finished with 1 errors the other update sqls don't import either. I dumped the tables and re-created them, loaded the base, and tried again but this always has error.
  10. It looks like it is connecting ok to auth and character, but doesn't connect to world. maybe there is an issue with the world permissions. I use mySQL workbench and HeidiSQL , haven't used phpmyadmin in ages.
  11. Spell Animations not Working

    ACEmu is advancing quickly though. It amazes me how quickly some things were implemented.
  12. Additional Data Logging Tools

    sometimes the client_cell_1.dat files could become corrupt, usually due to dual client mode on decal with using one directory. I found that by copying the game folder and launching different clients that it prevented client_cell_1.dat corruption but it may be that the black landblock was a victim of this corruption, or something similar. Since I'm not good at coding, far from it, I have edited the landblocks in a Hex editor, I don't encourage anyone to do this but if you do, make backups. The landblocks have a rather linear structure for the most part. The landblocks are in what I believe is little endian rather than big endian and they are preceeded by a FFFF for example Qalabar is FFFF2297 for landblock 9722 in the file (near the bottom around offset 0x0DBCE700 not towards the top) knowing this information, I was able to turn all of the water into sand, allowing me to run way out into the middle of the map where there should be water. I was also able to flood Qalabar, finding the texture bits by trial and error. The top of the landblock code is related to textures and there is a bit flag for if buildings are visible or not (FFFF229701 the buildings are active, FFFF229700 the buildings disappear) while the bottom has more to do with height. If you take a look at the Qalabar landblock in the client_cell1.dat file you'll notice a lot of 33 hex near the bottom of the landblock, setting these to higher hex values raises the terrain, setting them lower lowers the terrain. It should be somewhat simple for a coder to make a terrain editor. I should say also the length of a landblockis 100 hex (256 dec)
  13. Additional Data Logging Tools

    I tried to download the files today but it gave me a 404 not found for http://aka-steve.com/ACEMU/
  14. Other Programs.

    I broke Qalabar am I in trouble?
  15. When can I has armor?

    Thanks! much better now. Nice to see some lifestones too, it's great to see the progress being made.
  16. Favorite Time Period

    I voted original but would change my vote I think to DM there were parts of every version that I liked a lot, but some things they removed that I miss like (don't kill me) spell research and running around instead of using town network. part of the reason I like original was the community feel as well, it wasn't easy to get to max level, and so many people would work together and rely on each other. There was a lot more time-consuming exploration and adventure but as well as regular updates to keep the players interested. Not having updates or seasons really damaged AC I think. I don't know why the devs didn't just make an automated script that changes the seasons automatically (Maybe something you could do with ACE) when it is october, change it to halloween quests and textures, december christmas etc. They didn't need to do it manually if they just made it automated. The money system in games, pretty much every game, is flawed in my opinion because the money is not only fiat (backed by nothing) but also unlimited. If you have a resource without end, it eventually will lose value. On the other hand how would you make a game that has limited resources that would be circulated enough so that people don't end up with a lot, and others with little? Or what if a rich player stops playing, then all those resources would be stuck in limbo unless there were a in-game tax that slowly drained the characters over time adding the money back into the economy. You might need to give players job-roles and work together, not likely going to happen lol. One method around the excess of currency that some games use is a money sink, like tailoring was supposed to do, 50MMD for a tool to tailor. It still didn't keep up with the massive flood of MMDs that quests pumped out. maybe it would be best to not have currency and find a different way like bartering or resource gathering, of course then if the resources are unlimited as well and you run into the same problem. Anyway I'll stop ranting, I'd be happy with any working version of AC, they all had great parts to them .
  17. When can I has armor?

    That would be cool! I'm not very good at coding though so while I can find ACE/Entity/Player.cs and *EDIT* Found the PhysicsData.CSetup = 0x02000001u; line, I would not know how to implement or structure the modeldata code ( like if I need to declare use to anything ) all attempts thus far have resulted in over 300 errors. such as "ModelData' does not contain a definition for 'PalletGuid' and no extension method 'PalletGuid' accepting a first argument of type 'ModelData' could be found"
  18. When can I has armor?

    Got it working but it's so cold without armor. ;)
  19. I have a noob question. I thought the character data would be saved in mysql databse, but after making a character I can't find it in the databse. Where is character data saved currently? like, name and inventory, stats etc. I go into ace_character and it's just tables but no characters saved. I'll keep poking around but if anyone can tell me that would be great.
  20. love the reportbug command :rolleyes: Is there a list somewhere of currently implemented commands?
  21. I'm logging in ok but it gets stuck in portal space, the server says "Received unhandled fragment opcode: 0xF7E3" and never leaves portal space, even if I try teleporting.