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  1. What can we do to help?

    Haha, wish that I could help. But I only have experience with JavaScript, PHP, and very simple C++ console programs. The first time I've ever read any C# code was while reading through your github files. I also recently made the switch to Linux, so no Visual Studio for me... :(
  2. Favorite Time Period

    For nostalgia reasons I have to vote for the original game. However, for a retro-server, Dark Majesty would probably be great because it is both 'retro' and it would have a lot more content than a vanilla 1999 server.
  3. TreasureGen.cpp

    Last November for a programming project I made an AC-style loot generator script in JavaScript. I just used a recursive function that would call itself until the randomly generated number of loot pieces were 'created' (and pushed into an array for storage). Note for anyone unfamiliar with recursion: make sure your function has conditional logic with a counter in it (i.e. if the loot_counter is less than generated_loot_pieces, have loot_maker function call itself), otherwise your recursive function will turn into an infinite loop. :)