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  1. Questions Thread

    Xanxin's answer is pretty spot on, but I will answer some of the questions specifically, of which I understand. 1. Parsing the data is already underway. In some cases, members already have drawn list of monsters and also lists of portals to add them to the emulator. It really is just a matter of what you are looking for. Getting every bit of data needed to complete the emulator will be an ongoing activity. 2. I was told that getting character and monster animations to work properly would take a long time, but we will have to see. 3. Most functions should be able to be recreated.Some may not, especially those things for which we do not have mined data for. 4. Basically the game has an x, y, z for location and for orientation for most items that spawn in the world, which are kept in the database. If you really want to understand this, download a copy of UAS2 or Pea's emulator. It will allow you to mess with the databases in each. 5a. It is not going to be possible to 100% accurately recreate the loot system, but for the most part it will not be too hard, just maybe tedious. 5b. Yes it will be rebuilt from scratch using the information that was mined. 5c. Once you have the properties of items you want to spawn, randomizing is very each to do. 5d/5e. Both are part of the database. Since the NPC's primarily just stand there, talk, and take/hand items, their interactions will be straightforward. 5f. It may not be too hard to recreate, or it might be impossible. Depends if we have all the item/interaction information for the quest from a fan site... 6. Spawns have a specific x,y, and z. AFAIK, spawns are individual creatures. So if you run into a spawn of three golems, it is actually three individual spawn points stored on the database, as at least that is how UAS2 has implemented it. Yes, most of the running around and mi
  2. Running UAS2 in VS 2015.

    I agree. This should be one of the highest priorities, regardless if we decide to start over or not. (Aside from current data collection)
  3. TreasureGen.cpp

    Found errors within the TreasureGen.cpp Currently, it generates one item for loot, but this is because, they check how many items should be generated, and they assign a random value to one variable as to the type of item returned. It seems to me there needs to be an array that loops through how many items need to be generated, collect that item and place it within your array or list, then loop through it again to return the item at the end of the function. This is not done. Also, treasure is currently black and cannot be picked up and I will be spending some time fixing these issues. I will leave data collection to those people that have a lot of time to play.
  4. Could somebody write a little tutorial or make a video tutorial of extracting something useful out of Asheron Call data?
  5. Command help for UAS2.

    Excellent, this is what I was looking for. I just wasn't sure if the previous devs created a command for this to m ake it easier to identify spawn points, etc.
  6. Command help for UAS2.

    Is there a command or very easy way to get your current landblock, x,y,and z while in UAS2?
  7. Where to Start?

    Same. I teach Java during the day and code for myself at night(java and python), after the kids go to sleep. Like I said in another post, I would be willing to help in any possible way, if we determine a clear plan etc. I must admit that client/server programming is not in my bag yet, but I am a quick study.
  8. Hi, count me in.

    Been playing Asherons Call since beta. I don't play all that often, but felt really sad at the prospect on never being able to log in again. I think if we created one free server, we would have a very healthy population. My expertise is in java; however, I know python as well. I do not know much about server/client communication, but I am sure if wouldn't be that hard with a little reading/help. I would not be opposed to starting over from scratch, if we have a clear plan going into this. Right now, I have been looking at the database and some of the code from the final UAS2 release, just trying to determine what does what. My thoughts were to get respawn of monsters working within the current server implementation, I will be working on this until members decide we should move in a different direction, but you can count me in on any effort to revive this.