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  1. Has anyone considered buying the IP?

    Just came across this - I used to play AC and then drifted away. I would stop in every now and then to see how things were going. Actually just found out that AC had closed a couple weeks ago. Has the idea of buying/licensing the IP every gotten beyond the discussion stage - as in contacting WB and seeing if they are willing to do it? It is always possible that whover took over those other projects had no interest in taking over AC. If WB is not interested in selling or licensing the IP, is there any risk of them taking legal action to shut down a project of this sort? Companies like WB are interested in monetizing their assets - and usually if someone is enough of a squeaky wheel about copyrighted material they are sitting on doing nothing with and have no plans for they will come back with a dollar amount that they want. (formerly) Athelred of Harvestgain