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  1. RunUO - For reference

    As a C#/.NET developer, this warms my heart
  2. UAS2 Archive

    Originally posted by eridyn on the /r/AsheronsCall sub-reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/AsheronsCal...archive_is_up/ Eridyn's Google Drive URL: LINK REMOVED
  3. Packet Logging Tool

    Saw this - thanks for linking it! The minds of people on the internet and what they can accomplish never fails to amaze me. I have all the faith in the world that Dereth will rise from the ashes.
  4. Hi, count me in.

    Welcome to the party, dgatewood! .NET is my daily life, but I'm willing to shift into whatever language/role is needed for this project. I've been doing the same, digging around in UAS2. Here's hoping we can do something!
  5. Where to Start?

    Hi there - Name is Dawgeth, played during beta (was 14 or so at the time, on my Dad's account.) and grew up in Dereth with a lot of my Dad's monarchy helping me through a lot of those "growing up pains" you hit when you're a teenager. Had a lot of fantastic memories in Dereth and want to help contribute to keeping the game alive in one way or another. I'm a .NET Developer by day, and when the kids go to bed at night I am usually coding on something. I'd love to be able to assist in any way possible. Kaos - Thanks for putting the boards up. Tigris - Sounds like you've had time to poke around at UAS2. I'd agree - starting with scratch, with a clear outline and plan, would probably be best. We can reference UAS2 and use it as a way to see how certain things were done, but I think if we jumped in on the ground floor, we'd be able to build a better foundation. I've noticed a lot of folks talking about collecting packet data, filling up their portal.dats, and ensure data lives on in some way. Even saw someone write a custom DLL that you throw in your AC install and it'll track the packet data without Wireshark running. I think that if this Emulator project is to be successful - the packet, data, and collection of all relevant artificats that'll support the emulator would be a huge value add. Want to throw up a Discord server so that we can all talk real-time, and get to know one another? I'd love to be a part of the Dev team in the end if my skillset fits. If not, more than happy to be there for morale, feedback, and support!