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  1. AC Emulator YouTube Channel

    Hey thanks for the link. I see there's some new videos uploaded too.
  2. Has anyone considered buying the IP?

    Well there is no point in trying.. I'm convinced WB will just sit on the game license forever. SSG deal was our only hope. The only way to see Ac again is from a emulator and it's the only real option there is.
  3. Nice work on the video! It brings back some good memories. I wouldn't say AC suffered a 2nd death yet tho since the acemu team is still pushing ahead.
  4. What if

    I think the only chance we ever see AC again is from emulator.
  5. Typo on the GitHub landing page

    I looked all over the page and didn't see where it spelled wrong. Can you show us exactly where?
  6. The End of Asheron's Call

    Thanks for making this even if it made me a little sad. I miss it more then ever.
  7. UAS2 Progress

    I liked AC so much more during this time period. It's very nice to see work being done on this still. I do hope you share it!
  8. 50 years sure goes fast!

    I'm not a lawyer but I do not think a lawsuit would go anywhere.
  9. Forums Upgraded

    Very nice! I love it!
  10. DarkerTide

    I don't see anything wrong with hollow weaps. Get better armor? Use a shield?
  11. Character Recovery

    Can't u just make a new toon and give youself anything u want in a emulator anyway? I do hope we can create old items again like original heaume tho.
  12. Emulator availability

    I saw the saveAC page talking about emulators now so that is good. I think more and more people will find out in time as the emulator gains better features!
  13. Favorite Time Period

    I also agree with this. DM was my favorite time period with the best memories (I voted for it) but there is lot of newer content I would not want to play without either. I would be very happy with somewhere between 2010 to 2012. I hate the weapon changes patch and most patch after that though.
  14. Can we help? Mundane tasks, coding, etc?

    They will probably need help later on finding bugs when they get a test server. I don't think there's anything most of us can do besides wait and to give support right now tho.
  15. DarkerTide

    I want to see these things on a server: 1. Allegiance system returned to old style large xp chains. Makes monarchies more fun imo. 2. All possible ways to get xp besides killing monsters and quests removed from game 3. All Rares removed There's even more stuff I have in mind but this is a start.