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  1. I think the only chance we ever see AC again is from emulator.
  2. I looked all over the page and didn't see where it spelled wrong. Can you show us exactly where?
  3. Thanks for making this even if it made me a little sad. I miss it more then ever.
  4. I liked AC so much more during this time period. It's very nice to see work being done on this still. I do hope you share it!
  5. I'm not a lawyer but I do not think a lawsuit would go anywhere.
  6. Very nice! I love it!
  7. I don't see anything wrong with hollow weaps. Get better armor? Use a shield?
  8. I saw the saveAC page talking about emulators now so that is good. I think more and more people will find out in time as the emulator gains better features!
  9. I also agree with this. DM was my favorite time period with the best memories (I voted for it) but there is lot of newer content I would not want to play without either. I would be very happy with somewhere between 2010 to 2012. I hate the weapon changes patch and most patch after that though.
  10. I can't understand how someone could think its funny to bring down the servers with 3 day left. I hope karma pays that scumbag a visit.