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  1. Typo on the GitHub landing page

    Sorry, I forgot to note that I corrected the typo after seeing this post.
  2. Additional Data Logging Tools

    Solved my issue. Due to the size of the archive, I split it up in 40mb chunks. The naming was: XXX.part#.rar The uploader didn't like the . between things and was rejecting it. Renamed to XXX-part#.rar and was able to upload. Thanks again for hosting this data for us!
  3. Additional Data Logging Tools

    I'm having issues attempting to upload my collection.. It's about 2GB uncompressed, and I've tried several different methods of splitting the files down to even 40MB splits and the uploader for the most part rejects them. I did upload at one point test.rar, which could be deleted. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Additional Data Logging Tools

    Very good then. just wanted to make sure the files were getting preserved somehow :)
  5. Additional Data Logging Tools

    Perhaps you could modify the uploader script to append a timestamp to prevent accidents? In addition perhaps you could append charname and worldname based on text entered in the form as well?