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  1. Getting my Dev Env setup. help + guidance

    Thanks for the response.. Great work so far guys, looks like your actually pretty close to bringing up a basic world server. took me a little bit to understand the architecture, but after a little digging the pieces started to come together.
  2. Getting my Dev Env setup. help + guidance

    I was able to get into the world, but is a black screen.. Anyways, here the hack I used to at least get my client into the world. I debuged the code.. stepped through it and found the problem was the clientid was not matching my db guid.. I paused the execution.. And Reran it a few times + the server and found that the clientid portion that was mismatched did not change ever. Found it at..class.. public static class CharacterHandler [Fragment(FragmentOpcode.CharacterEnterWorld)] public static void CharacterEnterWorld(ClientPacketFragment fragment, Session session) { uint guid = fragment.Payload.ReadUInt32(); Fund this GUID, and saved it to text file. I then opened up my database and created a character row. SELECT * FROM ace_character.`character`; Enter my clients uint ..guid and gave it a charname, id of 1, and delettime of 0 I was then able to log into the world to a black void... =)
  3. Getting my Dev Env setup. help + guidance

    Hi All, I just started playing with the ACEmulator project but can only get so far... I also document some of the issues I ran into below so other can get through them. Quick start.. Can dl the zip from gethub and unzip it somewhere. Dl mysql windows installer.. install full dev option. open project in vs. Few Ref Error Fixes.. Mysql lib - fixes after you install mysql server - developer option. Newtonsoft.Json - Right click on ref - Click Manage NuGet Packages. - Select Newtonsoft.Json & Click Update. Create Schema in mysql using workbench. Run scripts in correct schemas.. ace_auth = AuthenticationBase.sql ace_character = CharacterBase.sql Compile and run project.. In the ace cmd prompt type in accountcreate testaccount testpassword --nothing happens but.. todo... someone add .. did it work or not lol Great start, loaded it up, created a account.. Ok, now you can make a bat file to make launching the client quick..what I did.. Create text file with notepad.exe and place in it.. (note may need to mod it a little) cd "C:\Turbine\Asheron's Call" acclient.exe -a testaccount -h -glsticketdirect testpassword save file as logon.bat. -now you can instantly load ac and connect to your server by double clicking logon.bat --- so far I am able to login, create a character on the screen but I cant get past that.. says I dont own my character on sign on.-- any help ACEMulator Team ?