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  1. You're welcome, just wait until the devs get done with ACEmu it's gonna be a lot better.
  2. That map is of only one persons data mining. From my latest count there were over 45 people that uploaded to my server. And that's just to my server, I saw plenty of people upload to the trello board directly. So I bet that if we were to overlay everyones combined data that would be a LOT more red coverage.
  3. Received and thank you for data mining!
  4. Thank you for all the data mining you did! Your files have been added to the collection for the developers. Together we can bring Dereth back to life.
  5. All I envisioned was towns over run with bunnies and the killing grind would be massive lol. The real question is can the bunnies level off of killing us?
  6. There are still more logs being uploaded to my server at random times. Everyone did such a great job! I know Mag-nus uploaded gigs worth of stuff on his own. Now to get everything centralized so the developers can access all of it and put it to good use.
  7. Thanks for all the data mining you did Shoregrey they are now stored with all the others and backed up. If you could upload those update package zips to a google drive and link them here I would be happy to add those to the stash. I bet they are over 50MB and the upload server you used for your data mining packets will time out if larger than 50MB. Emailing them is not an option as there are limitations with attachment sizes.
  8. Correction, the error states that Mag-nus has PM's turned off. Will also send the information to you Kaos
  9. Thank you Kaos
  10. Mag-nus, Cannot send you a PM, please ask Kaos to enable it or please turn it on yourself. I have FTP information to share with you.
  11. Mag-nus Will send you a PM with details. I have an FTP site setup just for the developers. Will make sure all files are stored there and on a backup server I have.
  12. That very well could be. Ask Kaos to add you.
  13. Posting an update, so far the uncompressed amount of data uploaded to http://aka-steve.com/ACEMU/ is 1.6GB!!!! I know there are some still holding onto their data and others have uploaded to other sources. Keep it rolling in! Go to https://trello.com/b/UOFTKYeU/data-mining to find locations that still need to be data mined. We only have 3 days and 14 hours left to grab data.
  14. And here is this one... http://aka-steve.com/ACEMU/blue_logo_with_title_no_bg.png
  15. http://aka-steve.com/ACEMU/blue_logo_no_bg.png This one I could remove the white, the other one has white in the lettering and gets removed also. Will continue to try and fix it.