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  1. I used the database to get my characters location. I then used what the database has provided for my coordinates.
  2. You're welcome, just wait until the devs get done with ACEmu it's gonna be a lot better.
  3. More then one on a server?

    Seeing each other hasn't been coded completely yet. It is in the works though.
  4. Bug reporting Template

    Did you install all of the updates from the database folder to your database?
  5. Everything is setup, account made, but when I try and log in I just get a blank black screen. Am I missing something here? FIXED: Turns out you either need to play AC on the computer hosting the ACEMU server or make sure to use the IP address in the Config.json file. Also need to make sure the SQL database allows connections from % and not just locahost. This resolved things for me.
  6. That map is of only one persons data mining. From my latest count there were over 45 people that uploaded to my server. And that's just to my server, I saw plenty of people upload to the trello board directly. So I bet that if we were to overlay everyones combined data that would be a LOT more red coverage.
  7. Received and thank you for data mining!
  8. Just as a heads up, folks are still uploading files to my server. More information rolling in!
  9. Thank you for all the data mining you did! Your files have been added to the collection for the developers. Together we can bring Dereth back to life.
  10. Additional Data Logging Tools

    Thank you for all of your efforts! Good catch with the naming of the files. Didn't even think of that. And completely my pleasure with the hosting of the files. I want this EMU to be a reality just like everyone else so I will provide every service I have the skill to provide.
  11. Additional Data Logging Tools

    First, try refreshing the webpage and try to upload the 40MB sized file again, if that doesn't work I can figure something else out.
  12. Emulator availability

    All I envisioned was towns over run with bunnies and the killing grind would be massive lol. The real question is can the bunnies level off of killing us?
  13. There are still more logs being uploaded to my server at random times. Everyone did such a great job! I know Mag-nus uploaded gigs worth of stuff on his own. Now to get everything centralized so the developers can access all of it and put it to good use.
  14. Emulator availability

    You uploaded a lot of data mining logs. You're correct, every little bit helps. Thank you for all your efforts.
  15. Additional Data Logging Tools

    Worked perfectly. Thanks again!