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  1. Now what?

    Thanks for the info! I am not much of a DB guru or programmer... so running servers is always a learning experience for me. I really enjoy messing with this stuff though. So, thanks for the help! Hoping to learn a thing or two getting in early on with the project.
  2. Now what?

    I noticed the update to the database included town locations and stuff. Once we get in-game, what functions are enabled? I've noticed our stats are crazy high, but our movement speed and jump are very low :P What can we do at this point to mess with those? is teleport working? are we bound to only the starting dungeon? :) thanks!
  3. More Questions

    I don't think it will take long for people who want to experience AC to come on board. The issue with WoW was the the game was still going strong, but people didn't want to pay the monthly sub for the experience. That was a huge driving force in the WoW community. Here, people will either have the option to get on board with PhatAC or ACE. As well as something else if it ever comes along.. But since there won't be any official option, this will be the end-all be-all versions of AC you will get to experience. So, if you want AC, you'll be here :P