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  1. Getting Started with the ACEmu Server

    LOL, got me beat! I'm on step 3, no idea yet how to load the sql files into MySQL :p This weekend will be reading up on lots of tutorials :)
  2. What can we do to help?

    Did somebody say pizza?!?! I'll throw down some cash to a pizza fund as well.
  3. Favorite Time Period

    I'm with Baron of Colier. I played in the beginning, then came back a couple years ago. I'd hate to lose any content, I absolutely love summoning, Tier 8 loot, etc. One thing I thought was pretty silly was changing to Heavy/Finesse/Light. Felt like it dumbed it down too much. Not a big deal though, I just self-imposed a UA only restriction on my finesse guy.
  4. Getting Started with the ACEmu Server

    Down the road a ways do you envision all of this being accomplished with an installer, or should I dive in and learn this Visual Studio, MySQL, compiling gibberish?
  5. Emulator availability

    Do you imagine the process to join the QA server would be similar to this?
  6. I'd love to change my ringtones to sounds from the game if anyone has done it and wants to put the files up :)